yay, we are live on the air, coming to you from Radio Kingston (in Kingston, NY and the Hudson Valley at 107.9FM and 1490AM),  stream us, or catch all our archives HERE!

we’ll be interviewing women who have something we want. rewriting the old version of the women’s story where there wasn’t space for all of us in the room creating competition as we fought for the rare position amongst the men. we’re flipping the narrative on envy, celebrating the accomplishments of our guests, learning about how they’ve struggled, how they’ve persevered and how they’ve succeeded so that we can cultivate our own best selves. women are so often the ones holding community together, the unsung heroines of a community’s overall health and wellbeing. these women have gifts to share and stories to tell. we’ll bring those stories to you as well as a lively discussion on issues relevant to women and the female perspective on world and local events as well as how we take care of ourselves while we’re busy holding community together.

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