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#132 Talking Socially Distanced Yoga with Juliana Machado, Jacquelyn Nash and Carisa Borrello

Joining me on the show today are the following passionate and generous teachers…

Juliana Machado (E-RYT 500) is a native of Brazil, who moved to New York in 2000 where she was introduced to yoga. She has taken 4 yoga teacher trainings since then: Ashtanga Primary Series a 200 Hour TT (2001), Forrest Yoga a 200 Hour TT (2006), and “Life of a Yogi” 500 Hour TT with Sri Dharma Mittra (2012), and the 800 Hour “Life of a Yogi” with Sri Dharma Mittra (2013). Juliana considers herself to be a lifelong student who is lucky enough to share and teach her lessons learned on this sacred science with all those who wish to receive it. She has taught in New York, Florida, California and in South America for the past 18. Juliana believes yoga is the “house of no judgement” where one of the best things a student can do is to practice as often as possible and never give up. Her teaching style comes from a belief in empowerment of the higher self and observance of the yoga ethical rules on and off the mat. She tailors her classes to fit needs of the ones in the room, so everyone in her class receives the maximum benefit from their time spent on the mat. With a background in contemporary dance and awareness through the movement, Juliana blends her artistic experience with her love of yoga, creating a unique space for self-exploration and discovery through the practice and power of yoga. Juliana believes that the highest we go, the easier it gets as we walk the path of yoga. After offering her classes widely across the globe, Juliana put roots down and opened Yoga Path for Healing in Catskill in 2017.

Jacquelyn Nash is a yoga teacher and co-owner of The Yoga House. With her roots and practice firmly grounded in the Ashtanga lineage, Jacquelyn’s classes draw from the foundational principles of that practice but also incorporate the softer and therapeutic applications of yoga that she has absorbed through various trainings. Jacquelyn teaches with the intention to make yoga accessible to all people and to demystify the “secret language” of yoga. Inspired by the light-heartedness but also sincerity of many of her teachers, Jacquelyn’s approach to sharing yoga is nurturing, compassionate, and seasoned with a touch of humor. Jacquelyn also owns and manages Hudson Valley Wedding Yoga, which organizes yoga classes for weddings, bachelorette parties, and special events.

Carisa Borrello is the director and owner of The Living Seed, which opened its doors to the Hudson Valley Community in the summer of 2000. Carisa is certified in Sivananda Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Yoga Tune Up, completed the Forrest Yoga foundation course and two Advanced Teacher Training Courses with Ana Forrest, Gil Headly’s 6 Day Human Dissection Workshop and is initiated into the path of Andean Mysticism with Elizabeth Jenkins and Don Juan Nunez Del Prado. She is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator (CHSE) from The Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training, and a level 6 Student and level 1 Instructor of I Liq Chuan, the Martial Art of Awareness, a family style Kung Fu based on principles of Tai Chi and Zen philosophy. Carisa is eternally grateful for the devotion, wisdom and insight that all of her teachers and ancestors have shared with her. Their passion for their arts, for healing the human spirit and mending the hoop of the people are a daily inspiration. She is honored to practice and share the art of  Hanna Somatics, Yoga and the Internal Arts- they are gifts – bringing us back to ourselves so we can heal, love and grow to express our highest potential. Carisa creates a sanctuary, a sacred place for people to deepen their relationship to their spirits through movement, mindfulness, meditation and creative expression.

Today these ladies share how and why they got into yoga, how they became yoga teachers and then eventually yoga studio owners. We checked in on how they are doing business now with COVID forcing the closing of their physical spaces. They are all offering classes virtually and in person outdoors with some on demand options at the Living Seed and The Yoga House. They of course also offer private sessions and if you were inspired by Carisa’s sharing of Hanna Somatics, she is also doing private sessions outdoors at her home and her studio which for pain management and other needs. They happily share how yoga has changed their lives for the better and offer ways to stay connected to the present moment versus in fear or anxiety during these uncertain times we are all navigating.

Because we broadcast out of Kingston, NY, I wanted to also recognize the other Kingston based studios, The Hot Spot offering outdoor and online classes, and Yoga Lab offering online classes.

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