#45 Sarah Bisceglie (Renaissance Woman) / Jeanne Brooks (Pleasure Activist) “Working Towards Humanity Centered Design”

Sarah Bisceglie founder of SEB Visions and Jeanne Brooks founder of Virago Futures for a lively show about anger, energy, healing, design thinking and truth telling

#44 Nada Khodlova (Dance Therapist) / Andrya Ambro (Gold Dime) “Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin”

Thanksgiving, gratitude, Nada Khodlova was very self conscious of her body as a young person, and studying dance helped her move into her discomfort and feel more comfortable in her own skin, and Andrya Ambro of the band Gold Dime, studied jazz at NYU and tours with Kim Gordan.

#43 Valeria Gheorghiu (Activist Attorney)/ Que Sera (Streetlight Boutique) “Living Cooperatively and Creatively”

#Toxic Femininity, Valeria Gheorghiu is an activist attorney and the destruction of paganism. Also Que Sera of Streetlight Boutique, home schooling her boys, and She’s All Fat Podcast!

#42 Donna Costello (Choreographer) / Reverend Jordan Scruggs (Modern Spirituality) “Process Junky and Modern Day Spirituality”

Donna Costello, choreographer and dance educator at the Park Avenue Armory, managed to move quite quickly into her success in NYC, and Reverend Jordan Scruggs is broadly focused on the alleviation of poverty which translates into some truly beautiful community building activities like “Waffle Church”