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June 2019 – i want what SHE has

#75 Callie Jayne (Rise Up Kingston) + Summer Corrie (Living Life Allowed) “Appreciating the Little Things”

We get deep today with guests Callie Jayne and Summer Corrie. Callie, a pretty much life-long activist who is working hard to bring more equality to all members of the community, and Summer sharing deeply personal revelations on how she learned to love herself. These women are amazing!

#74 Shaniqua Bowden “SB” Nubian Cafe + Rashida Tyler “Women Supporting Women Supporting Community!”

Theresa speaking with Shaniqua Bowden and Rashida Tyler about women supporting women, competition amongst women and partners, helping others, astrology, spirituality, motherhood, raising daughters, breaking apart systems, race, the Kingston Land Trust, Citizen Action, breaking down walls between community members, getting out of our bubbles, and self care!

#73 Lisa Glick “Bipolar and Thriving” + Yukari Ogawa “Is it True?”

Lisa Glick shares her story from undiagnosed mental illness to bipolar to THRIVING! And Yukari Ogawa walks us through “The Work” of Byron Katie.

#72 Sarah Van Buren “Disco is Long Life” + Art in Public Spaces

Today, Theresa’s live from Outdated Lite in Kingston, NY, mixing things up to talk about how to be in community with one another, about connecting through music and art and about why we should collaborate creatively in public spaces instead of regulating them, but first, a convo with Sarah Van Buren, a woman of many talents and A LOT of musical cred.

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