#49 Bel Downey (Screenwriter) / Tracey Helton (The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin) “Finding Your Community and Saving Lives”

Holiday season, podcast recommendations, Belinda Downey is a screenwriter and is writing more female leads, and Tracey Helton, author of Hope After Heroin, she is a recovery activist and has saved over 300 lives by mailing out narcan all over the world.

#48 Lavender Suarez (Sound Healer) / Dana Ronnquist (Miss Hudson Valley) “Healing and Deep Listening”

Volunteering is important YEAR ROUND! Dana Ronnquist massage therapist and herbalist discusses healing Crohn’s her disease and ovarian cysts and Lavender Suarez after studying with Pauline Oliveros at the Deep Listening Institute.

#47 Amara Projansky (Luminary Media) / Leigh Henrich (Sweets and Pop Music) “Women Pioneers and Publishing and Music”

Amara Projansky is the founder and CEO of many Hudson Valley magazines, she talks about how she takes care of herself as a mother and a CEO, and Leigh Henrich of Sweets and Pop Music, starts her own music licensing after years of working for others in the indie music world.

#46 Liz Baker (Broadway Arts) / Rachael Pazdan (The HUM Series) “The Power of Faith and Women Collaborating”

RBG”Be a lady, don’t be overcome by useless emotions like anger” , Liz Baker community uplifter after mothers’ nervous breakdown, and Rachael Pazdan of NYC ‘The Hum Series’ on promoting female musicians.