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May 2018 – i want what SHE has

#19 Susan Barnett (51%-NPR)/ Lindsey Mills (Surfer Blood) “Committing to Your Passion and Building Community”

During this week’s Girl Talk Shana drops some links to some fab feminist podcasts and Theresa vents about a leering police officer and her failure to respond more strongly to his inappropriateness. Our first guest Susan Barnett, writer and former host of 51%, The Women’s Perspective, joins us to talk about her life as a journalist and reporter and how she eventually gave it all up to work on her fiction. Our second guest, Lindsey Mills, touring musician, record label owner and community builder talks about growing up in Florida with parents who nurtured and supported her creative endeavors, what it’s like touring and how she keeps community back home. Self care takes you to the Moon!

#18 Sarah Carlson (Growing Films) / Brooke Baxter Bailey (Glasslands Music Venue) “Growing Films and Artist Spaces”

This week’s Girl Talk gets into Shana being in the recording studio and Theresa exercising her creativity through painting. Our first guest Sarah Carlson, Filmmaker, editor, producer, and artist talks about her childhood, being adopted and her various creative projects. Our second guest, Brooke Baxter Bailey, shares about how she started Glasslands, a music venue and collaborative artist space in Brooklyn, NY. Brooke shares a bit about her personal life and the challenges of her first pregnancy, selling her restaurant and moving her life to the Hudson Valley to open The Glass Mountain Inn. And yes, more self care talk!!!

#17 Sarah Perrotta (Musician, Performer) / B.A Miale (Live Projection-Artist) “Making Music and Getting Creative with Projections”

Shana’s BACK! And her song “Cool Kids” is on all the iPhone’s in all the Apple stores in all the land! Sarah Perrotta, vocalist and musician, talks about her music career, the joy she experiences when writing and making music, the challenges she’s faced along the way, and her recording process around her next album coming out before the end of the year. Second guest B.A. Miale, music video editor, director and projection artist, shares about how she got into her unique career, her creative process and the challenges she’s faced along the way. Self care is all about slowing down!

#16 Carla Rozman (Artist, Designer) / Jen Donovan (Le Shag) “Beauty and Business”

Guest Host, Designer and Artist, Carla Rozman joins Theresa this week while Shana is away. We discuss the latest in (hashtag) metoo and critique the design of Melania’s new campaign to combat bullying. We have fun interviewing Jen Donovan, beauty and style maven and founder of LeShag. We have fun with the Vogue 73 questions and learn about parthenogenesis from our gals at WINGS.

#16 Carla Rozman (Artist, Designer) / Jen Donovan (Le Shag) “Beauty and Business”

Theresa is joined by guest hostess, Carla Rozman, designer and artist, while Shana is in Scotland. We discuss the latest in (hashtag)metoo, and critique the design of Melania’s new campaign to combat bullying. Jen Donovan, founder of LeShag, talks about how she got into the beauty and makeup world, how she’s built a successful business and why she is training new aspiring salon owners in how to become successes of their own. In the theme of Mother’s Day, we were joined by special guest callers, Theresa’s Mom and Jen’s Mom and learn a little about who and what inspires them. Carla plays the Vogue 73 questions game with Jen, and we learn a bit about parthenogenesis from Frieda Werden at WINGS. (That’s virgin births for those of you intrigued.)

Next week, we are joined by musical goddess, Sarah Perrotta and projection artist and designer, BA Miale. Leave us your voicemail telling us who has what you want and why! 845-481-3428

Carla Rozman

Jen Donovan


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We heard music from Shana Falana,, and audio from WINGS!

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#15 Amy Brown-White (Diversity and Inclusivity Consultant) / Sara Milonovich (Rootstock Farm Fest) “Diversity, Inclusion, Making Music and Supporting Farmers”

Today, we talk about the Cosby verdict, women’s vindication and the fierceness of Michelle Wolf. Then we’re joined by guest Amy Brown-White to talk diversity and inclusivity. Our second guest, Sara Milonovich, talks about her vast experience as a touring musician and co-founding her own festival to raise money for local farmers.

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