#41 Jude-Laure Denis (Community Activist) / Pandora (Wiccan-Priestess & Artist) “Liberating Yourself”

Halloween, Wiccan/Priestess Anne Brannen aka Pandora on letting go of your identity, Jude-Laure Denis, Haitian Buddhist Activist, understanding white supremacy.

#40 DJ Ali Gruber (Get Down Upstate) / Gabrielle Hill (Restorative Justice) “Michael Jackson Dance Party Queen and Circle Keeper”

Theresa calls in from the Badlands, DJ Ali Spins tells us about her 2 purple turntables and how she keeps going when her husband gets diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Gabrielle Hill talks Restorative Justice and Circle Keeping!

#39 Lisa Padovani (Costume Designer) / Emma’s Revolution (Music Activists) “Stay Positive and Sing Out Your Angry Soul”

Lisa Padovani, dynamic costume designer, best known for her work on Party Monster, Mad Men, Gotham and Boardwalk Empire (to name only a few), Emma’s Revolution, Music Activism and Dharma Punx, and L7 Documentary.

#38 Khadijah Ward (EVOLVE) / Joan Ffolliot (Ffolliot Design) “Deep Connection to the Earth, Art As Language”

“Who Is Believed and Who is Blamed” (Kavanaugh hearings), Khadijah Ward works at FAMILY of Woodstock as the program administrator for EVOLVE, a batterer’s intervention program, designer and artist Joan Ffolliot of Ffolliot Design, setting boundaries with clients.

#37 Tani Ikeda (#survivorloveletter ) / Kate Steciw (Multi-Media Artist) “Celebrating Survivors and Communicating Through Images”

RBG documentary is OUT!! Our first guest, Tani Ikeda, is an Emmy winning director who creates narratives, documentaries, music videos, and commercial films, and creator of #survivorloveletter. Our second guest, Kate Steciw, is an artist who works in sculpture, photography, video and image manipulation who explores the collision between representation and materialization