#23 Shana’s Private Journal Entry / Mercedes Samuels (Singer Songwriter) “Intuitive Eating, Loving Yourself and Making Discipline Fun”

Girl Talk goes deep into [Geneen Roth’s][1] book, Women Food and God, and Shana shares her personal relationship to food and dieting. Then we listen to Shana’s interview with Mercedes Samuels, a musician, who shares her beautiful wisdom, this woman is wise…right now she’s reading The Art of Loving and learning about making discipline fun and how to have better concentration.

#22 Maiko Hata (Jazz Singer) / Rachel Brennecke (Photographer Bon Jane) “Saying No to Say YES! and letting go of PERFECTION”

In this week’s Girl Talk, Shana and Theresa talk about feeling insecure and how social media fuels this. Maiko Hata, jazz singer, joins us in the studio to talk about being a music therapist and the power of music to heal, how she finally chose to follow her heart and her desire to become a jazz singer, how she struggles with saying no in order to say yes to herself and how she maintains such a mindful and peaceful approach to life. Rachel Brennecke, aka Bon Jane, artist and photographer, talks about being a former model, how it validated her need to feel good about herself and then how she had to deal with the repercussions of the need to look perfect all the time, on leaving modeling and finding a mentor to get through art school, and finding value in herself and her art in a ever-changing world. Self care? Try out a cold shower! And act “as if.”

#21 Girls Inc (In Her Voice Podcast) / Alison Leiber (Quiver Music Licensing) “Girl Power and Being True to Yourself”

With Theresa calling in from her family visit in Wisconsin, she and Shana talk about what her nieces are up to, getting a feel on what it’s like to be a young girl in today’s world. Theresa shares her interview with Maria Jansdotter Farr and Emma and Jordan, two New Paltz High School students, participating in the Girls Inc. program and their podcast In Her Voice which digs into the topics of Toxic Masculinity, Gender-based Violence and Conditioned Sexism. Shana shares her interview with Alison Lieber of Quiver and (formerly Team Love) where the two discussed finding the dream job, what you give up along the way, staying connected with magic, and making hard decisions.

#20 Aja Hudson (Landscape Designer) / Emily Vail (Estuary Watershed) “Working Cooperatively and Protecting our Lands and Water”

This week’s Girl Talk digs into helping people be better and the amazing work being done at Radio Kingston. Our first guest Aja Hudson, Executive Director and landscape designer, talks about how she learned to prioritize life after cancer with a young daughter by building a worker cooperative and why it’s important for us to start moving towards the cooperative model of living and working. Emily Vail, Estuary Watershed Outreach Specialist at New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and swing dancer and teacher at [Uptown Swing][2], talks about her work studying streams and how this work helps connect the dots across many facets of where we live as she learned when studying the Tannery Brook in Kingston, NY. Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another!