#10 Rebecca Moore (Musician, Avant-Guard Performer, Activist) “From Art to Veganism”

On today’s show Shana and Theresa talk with Rebecca Moore, musician, actor, performance artist, educator, activist and co-founder of Hudson Valley Veg Fest.

#9 Rachel Collet (Photographer)/ Samantha Stephenson (Frenchy and the Punk) “Seeing the Shadow”

Today we chat about seeing our shadow, the subconscious parts of our personality and how setting boundaries is a powerful form of self care. Theresa speaks with Rachel Collet, photographer, about how she’s taking a break from her work to build her own home…with her own hands. Shana speaks with Samantha Stephenson from the band Frenchy and the Punk about life as a touring musician, her experience leading panels on how to have a creative life, and how to follow your joy. Shouts to the women of WINGS.

#8 Lori Ann King (Author) / Vickie Tanner (Writer, Performer) “Hashtag Me Too”

On today’s show Shana and Theresa break down the #metoo conversation further by looking at the messages they received as young women and how those messages shaped how they’ve responded to men and sexual harassment in their lives. Special guest, Lori Ann King, talks about her personal health journey through a hysterectomy, an oophorectomy, and the sudden onset of surgical menopause. Vickie Tanner shares her story about pursuing her dreams as an actor in NYC. And don’t forget self-care!

#7 Elizabeth Gross (SomaVeda Thai Yoga) / Tierney Tough (The Pauses) “Intuitive Eating and Releasing Records”

On today’s show Theresa speaks with Elizabeth Gross, SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapist and Founder of Dharmawake, about Elizabeth’s journey to breakthrough disordered eating habits and how cultivating self love is essential for transformation, embodied living. We also hear Shana’s interview with Tierney Tough of the band The Pauses about shopping her latest record, booking a music venue and how she keeps touring through the challenges of her heart condition.