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April 2018 – i want what SHE has

#14 KayCee Wimbish (YMCA Urban Farm) / Sammi Niss (Cancer Survivor, Musician) “Urban Farming and Surviving Cancer”

Today we talk hair and age appropriate hair cuts. Guest KayCee Wimbish tells us about starting an urban farm and how to expand food access. Second guest Sammi Niss shares her process working through cancer and chemo at the age of 27 and releasing a solo album. Pssst, she’s a drummer and then some.

#13 Liz Harrington (O+ Fest, Entrepreneur) / Kim Field (Stargazer Lilies) “Life After New York City”

Today we catch up on things, Shana in the recording studio and the emotions that come up around that, and Theresa and “babygate.” Warning, lots of emotions around trying to conceive. We’re then joined by guest Liz Harrington, wife, Mom, pollinator for the Hudson Valley’s local currency who talks about leaving NYC behind to build her dream life upstate. Our second guest is Kim Field, singer and bass player for the band, The Stargazer Lilies. Amidst the ups and downs of musicianhood, Kim too made the leap from NYC to the Poconos in search of a…yep, a different lifestyle.

#13 Liz Harrington (O+ Fest, Entrepreneur) / Kim Field (Stargazer Lilies) “Life After New York City”

On today’s show, Shana and Theresa catch up with each other. Shana talks about her week in the studio recording her new album and on the emotions that come up thinking about whether this is her last one. Theresa gets a little vulnerable talking about the saga of setting up a baby gate for other Mom’s at the yoga studio as she works through her own emotions of trying to have a baby. Tissues may be needed.

Special in studio guest, Liz Harrington, Mom, Wife, pollinator for Hudson Valley’s local currency, community builder, and innovator talks about how she was able to leave NYC behind and is in the process of building her dream life in the Hudson Valley. After a life threatening birth with her second child, she and her family refocused their priorities, downsized, and started looking to community for support and nourishment. Liz and her cheerleading attitude is an inspiration to us all!

We also hear from Kim Field, singer and bass player for shoegaze band, The Stargazer Lilies. Kim also made the big leap away from NYC to the Poconos, PA looking for a different lifestyle. She shares the ups and downs of being a musician and how she overcomes those challenges to pursue her dreams.

On next week’s show we speak with KayCee Wimbish who founded the Kingston YMCA Farm Project in an abandoned field in the middle of the city, and Sammi Niss, drummer, cancer survivor and songwriter performing her first solo show, Hiding Behind Sound, at the end of this month.

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Liz Harrington

Hudson Valley Current

Kim Field

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#12 Carolita Johnson(New Yorker Cartoonist) / Sari Botton (Writer, NY Times ) “Learning to Say No”

Theresa and guest hostess Carolita Johnson, artist and New Yorker cartoonist, talk about Carolita’s journey back and forth between New York City and Paris, dodging careers your parents envision for you, and becoming an artist on your own terms. They are joined by special guest Sari Botton, writer, Essays Editor at Longreads, Editorial Director at TMI Project, editor of Goodbye to All That and Never Can Say Goodbye, and founder of Kingston Writer’s Studio.

#11 Rebecca Martin “Songwriter and Activist”

On today’s show, we sit down with songwriter, musician, and advocate Rebecca Martin to talk about her life as a musician, how she has been organizing from a very young age, and how she balances those two parts of herself today. Rebecca talks about how she deals with conflict and challenge, rising above and moving forward.

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