#27 Poet Gold (Poet Activist) / Anne Macy Hall (Artist/ Photographer) “What’s Your Dream?”

Girl Talking about monuments of women, #metoo and why women don’t report. Our first guest, Poet Gold, published writer, spoken word performance artist, poet, community “artivist,” Dutchess County Poet Laurette and active member of Arts Mid-Hudson and the Artist Action Network, joins us in the studio and shares her perspective on life, gratitude, praying, being inspired and uplifting others. Our second guest, Anne Macy Hall, artist and birder, talks about her journey through photography and art, making art from the female gay perspective to bring more of that into the general consciousness, and moving upstate to start Catskill Indigo. Self care brings us to our muses and self sabotage. Weeeeeeee.

#26 Tiziana Agnello (Love Thy Beast) / Jill Bressler (Graphic Designer) “Persevering, Taking Risks, and Knowing Yourself”

In this week’s Girl Talk, Shana and Theresa discuss the New York Public Library’s Podcast episode featuring Aja Monet interviewing Roxanne Gay and the documentary film, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry. First guest, Tiziana Agnello, Stylist and Founder of sustainable pet accessory line, Love Thy Beast talks about how she made it in NYC starting out with $500. Second guest, Jill Bressler, Designer turned purpose-driven UX/UI creative shares how she started out in Journalism but realized quickly that creative work was her passion. Self care this week is all about minding our own business. Stop worrying about the other person, and just focus on you.

#25 Cal Patch (Crochet, Entrepeneur) / Hawley Hussie (HHArtLab) “Happiness and Freedom…that’s SUCCESS”

Girl Talking about new pods we like on body positivity and mindfulness. Shana’s having a HOT FLASH about some criticisms of 12 step programs. Guest Cal Patch, sewer, maker, and teacher talks about finding her happy place. Guest Hawley Hussey, artist, writer, occasional performer, a living room lounge singer, cold water swimmer, Coney Island Mermaid, educator and activist joins us in the studio to talk about how she’s created her current life affirming gig with kids and art.

#24 Jen Shagawat (Shellshag, Starcleaners) “Freedoms and Staying True to Your Dreams Through it All”

Today we’re Girl Talking about the meaning of independence for ourselves and for everyone and continuing the food conversation…thinking about freeing ourselves from the emotional pull of food. We also hear Shana’s fun interview with Jen Shagawat, musician and producer, owner of Jewel Street Studio in Brooklyn, NY, drummer and singer for the band Shellshag, co-creator of Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision and owner of Starcleaner Records.