#27 Poet Gold (Poet Activist) / Anne Macy Hall (Artist/ Photographer) “What’s Your Dream?”

Girl Talking about monuments of women, #metoo and why women don’t report. Our first guest, Poet Gold, published writer, spoken word performance artist, poet, community “artivist,” Dutchess County Poet Laurette and active member of Arts Mid-Hudson and the Artist Action Network, joins us in the studio and shares her perspective on life, gratitude, praying, being inspired and uplifting others. Our second guest, Anne Macy Hall, artist and birder, talks about her journey through photography and art, making art from the female gay perspective to bring more of that into the general consciousness, and moving upstate to start Catskill Indigo. Self care brings us to our muses and self sabotage. Weeeeeeee.

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