#26 Tiziana Agnello (Love Thy Beast) / Jill Bressler (Graphic Designer) “Persevering, Taking Risks, and Knowing Yourself”

In this week’s Girl Talk, Shana and Theresa discuss the New York Public Library’s Podcast episode featuring Aja Monet interviewing Roxanne Gay and the documentary film, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry. First guest, Tiziana Agnello, Stylist and Founder of sustainable pet accessory line, Love Thy Beast talks about how she made it in NYC starting out with $500. Second guest, Jill Bressler, Designer turned purpose-driven UX/UI creative shares how she started out in Journalism but realized quickly that creative work was her passion. Self care this week is all about minding our own business. Stop worrying about the other person, and just focus on you.

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