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Theresa Widmann – i want what SHE has

#68 Katy Kondrat (Sustainable Agriculture Activist) and Jolie Holland (Songwriter) “Keep Going”

Theresa’s in Italy! Shana Falana’s last day on the show! Katy Kondrat ‘behind the scenes’ and food economy, and an intimate look into Jolie Holland’s creative life! Self Care “GET OVER IT”.

#67 Talking Hormones and Healing

Today special guest Renee (Darmstadt) Keplinger shares her story of recovering from a severe hormone imbalance. She is joined by Dr. Amy Novatt who answers questions from Theresa, Renee and guest callers about hormones, birth control, pap smears, HPV and surgical menopause.

#66 Aimee Herman (Everything Grows) and Heidi Vanderlee (Early Riser) “Opinions Expressed Here Are Probably Shouted”

Girl Talking about Hilma af Klint, of course. Aimee Herman joins us in studio to talk about her upcoming YA novel, Everything Grows, which explores concepts such as coming out, gender identity, bullying, mental health and forgiveness. Next we play Shana’s interview with Heidi Vanderlee, a publicist and musician with the band Early Riser, who dives into the music industry, feminism and following a creative career. Self Care is about always doing your best and listening to your BODY!

#65 Amy Gonzalez-Nelsen (Bravery Brigade)/Holly Glogau Morgan (Writer) “Bravery, Perseverance and Ingenuity”

Shana’s on the road to Brooklyn for a big sold out show tonight with Yeasayer! Theresa’s holding down things with first guest Amy Gonzalez-Nelsen, founder of Bravery Brigade who shares how she helps women find their own bravery. Our second guest is Holly Glogau Morgan, a writer and a woman who is persevering through a debilitating illness and inspiring us all how to be our best selves despite life’s challenges!

#64 Lauren Giambrone (Good Fight Herb Co.) / Sehla Graham (Rolling Grocer) “Herbalism and Food Accessibility”

Girl talking about our super fun road trip to the Good Fight Herb Co. in Hudson to interview the AMAZING Lauren Giambrone, herbalist, teacher, healer. We also got to meet a neighboring business the Rolling Grocer and talk to Sehla Graham about food accessibility. Self care is herb talk of course and a little astrology too!

#63 Olga Sahej (Blue Lotus Qi Gong) / Aki Goto (Shirotento Orchestra) “The Healing Power of Illness”

Girl talking about stepping away and getting hitched! Olga Sahej is a musician and QiGong teacher who healed from debilitating arthritis leading her into a deep awareness of how to heal the body from within. Our second guest, Aki Goto, is a multimedia artist who shares about her art project called “NOW” which is all about being in the present moment and understanding the emotion of the moment. She too has a story of healing from illness, both hers and her partners. Some serious self care throughout the whole show!!!

#62 The Upstate NY Lifestyle Brand (w. Shawna Dunworth, Erica Brown and Ani Kaiser) “Fetishizing the Catskills”

New FM signal is HOT! Martha Frankel on Woodstock Bookfest is up first talking about writing and of course books. We’re then joined by Erica Brown, Ani Kaiser and Shawna Dunworth, three women who work and have worked in Kingston, a town that is experiencing rapid growth, but at what cost? How do we take care of ourselves and others, really???

#61 Dani Hughes (Divine Asset Management) / Diane Reeder ( Feeding Community) “Food and Financial Self Care”

Girl talking about Italy and how #metoo hasn’t quite arrived there! First guest Dani Hughes, founder of Divine Asset Management, talks about how to see budgeting as self care, overcoming the shame and the guilt of our financial situation and working her way through a male dominated field. Our second guest Diane Reeder, owner of the Kingston Candy Bar, goes deep into food dignity, the zero waste food movement and the power and importance of volunteering. Self care brings you a Tarot reading in honor of the Spring Equinox Full Super Moon Aries astrological New Year!

#60 Vanessa Benton (Miss V) + Mariel Fiori (La Voz) + Hillary Harvey (The Source) “Spreading Truth and Love”

Guest host Vanessa Benton talks about growing up in a musical family and how becoming a dancer and being a part of the dance community helped her grow and develop her own self esteem. Guests Hillary Harvey and Mariel Fiori both journalists and radio hosts share about the how and why of journalism, race and the women’s movement, #metoo, self care and more. Miss V and Theresa close it out with LOVE.

#59 Sharon Lindeman (Yogini ) / Amanda Cole (Quill and the Man Documentary) “Don’t Give Up On Yourself”

Happy Women’s History Month! Shana grew up more feminine and Theresa more masculine, we discuss! Our first guest is yogini Sharon Lindeman, a deep and compassionate soul who’s lived a well traveled life! Our second guest is Amanda Cole, musician, writer, poet and filmmaker who is making a documentary about her father who performed at the original Woodstock concert. Self care is here…as always, talking about assumptions and getting out of the head into the heart.

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