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Theresa Widmann – Page 5 – i want what SHE has

#11 Rebecca Martin “Songwriter and Activist”

On today’s show, we sit down with songwriter, musician, and advocate Rebecca Martin to talk about her life as a musician, how she has been organizing from a very young age, and how she balances those two parts of herself today. Rebecca talks about how she deals with conflict and challenge, rising above and moving forward.

#9 Rachel Collet (Photographer)/ Samantha Stephenson (Frenchy and the Punk) “Seeing the Shadow”

Today we chat about seeing our shadow, the subconscious parts of our personality and how setting boundaries is a powerful form of self care. Theresa speaks with Rachel Collet, photographer, about how she’s taking a break from her work to build her own home…with her own hands. Shana speaks with Samantha Stephenson from the band Frenchy and the Punk about life as a touring musician, her experience leading panels on how to have a creative life, and how to follow your joy. Shouts to the women of WINGS.

#7 Elizabeth Gross (SomaVeda Thai Yoga) / Tierney Tough (The Pauses) “Intuitive Eating and Releasing Records”

On today’s show Theresa speaks with Elizabeth Gross, SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapist and Founder of Dharmawake, about Elizabeth’s journey to breakthrough disordered eating habits and how cultivating self love is essential for transformation, embodied living. We also hear Shana’s interview with Tierney Tough of the band The Pauses about shopping her latest record, booking a music venue and how she keeps touring through the challenges of her heart condition.

#6 Erica Brown (Black Stories Matter) / Penelope McCourty (Choreographer) “Body Positivity”

Theresa and Shana talk about body image and becoming more self-aware of the negative self talk we send to ourselves when we judge others. In studio guest, Erica Brown, talks to us about her process in overcoming shame and reconnecting with self-respect as shared during her TMI Project’s Black Stories Matter performance. Penelope McCourty, dancer and choreographer in NYC, discusses her long career working with others and how she helps her community find themselves through dancing.

#5 Tameka Ramsey | Eva Tenuto (TMI Project) / Roz Raskin (Roz and the Rice Cakes) “Black Stories Matter and DIY show safe space”

On today’s show, Theresa sits down with Tameka Ramsey and Eva Tenuto of TMI Project to talk about their initiative #blackstoriesmatter, race relations, being a woman in the tech field, and doing what you love. We also hear Shana’s interview with Roz Raskin of Roz and the Rice Cakes about the need for safe show space in music venues. Plus we dip our toes into the subjects of violence, toxic masculinity and creating safe space for men to express their emotions.

#4 Karen Storch and Emily Trotter-Bodie (Family of Woodstock) “Domestic Violence Awareness, Prevention and Survival Story”

On today’s show, Theresa and Shana speak with Karen Storch and Emily Trotter-Bodie from Family of Woodstock Domestic Violence Services and Washbourne House shelter. Also joining today’s show is Donna, recovery and domestic violence survivor and superwoman. And more self care talk and tips from Shana and Theresa! Happy Self Love Day!

#3 Taleen Kali (Dum Dum Zine) / Ashley Knox (Go Beyond Greatness) “White Women and Black History Month”

Today we heard from Taleen Kali, musician, zine publisher and yoga teacher, and Ashley Knox, founder and director of Go Beyond Greatness, an educational program that supports young people to reach their goals. Plus Shana and Theresa share about their own artistic process and how they are honoring Black History Month.

#2 Gail Ann Dorsey (Bass Player) / Ruth Ungar (Mike and Ruthy) “Feeling Rage and Celebrating the Moon”

Today we were joined by guests Gail Ann Dorsey and Ruth Ungar, two powerhouse female musicians, who discussed the how and why of what they do. Plus, a little Full Moon talk and a dissection of what it means to be an “angry woman.”

# 1 Kat Hunt (What’s Revenge Film) / Marisha Chinsky (Slang King) “Women’s March, #MeToo, and Self-Care”

Welcome to our FIRST SHOW EVER!!!
Shana Falana and Theresa Widmann discuss The Women’s March, #MeToo, Aziz Ansari, and Self-Care. Today’s guests are filmmaker Kat Hunt and musician Marisha Chinsky. With listener voicemails sharing “I Want What SHE Has” moments.

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