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Theresa Widmann – Page 2 – i want what SHE has

#52 Marcina Hale (Disturbing the Peace Doc) / Molly Hamilton (Widowspeak) “Transforming and Reconnecting”

Girl Talking about the Women’s March, the controversy surrounding the 2019 marches and how or why to show up. Our first guest is Marcina Hale who’s changing the way we live and work through conflict together as a community through her work at Reconsider, an organization that sparks innovation, encouraging creativity, and forms community to make our world more compassionate and connected. Our second guest, Molly Hamilton of the band Widowspeak talks about her rise to fame and how that led to a slowing down and a reconnection to her art and music in a more authentic way. Self care touches on asking in order to receive and how cooking is a powerful form of self care.

#51 Jennifer Dignon (Heart Child Yoga) / Lara Hope (Lara Hope and the Ark-Tone) / “The Benefit of Presence and Magical Gifts from the Universe”

Girl Talk get’s cute with an audio recording of Shana and Mike singing Theresa “Happy Birthday.” Haha… Love celebrating Theresa. Then we go deep into the subject of doubt and whether it’s useful or not and how to move past it. What are your thoughts? Our first guest today is Jennifer Dignon of [Heart Child Yoga][1]. She is a yoga teacher and therapist here in the Hudson Valley, working mostly with kids and kids with special needs. The secret to her success, listening to the children. Our second guest today is Lara Hope, a local Hudson Valley touring musician. Her band is [Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones][2].They just got back from a whirlwind tour opening for Brian Setzer of the band The Stray Cats. Lara shares about her growing success, hard work ethic, her ability to keep moving forward, and how getting the booking agent of her dreams who focuses on roots music was the missing piece of the puzzle. Self Care…cake! Well, it’s Theresa’s birthday, but yes, we do also talk about what Lara does for self care and the benefits of journaling.

#50 Meghan Don (The New Divine Feminine) Elly Swope (Recording Engineer, Destination Universe) “Finding the Feminine and Loving the Process”

Girl Talking about New Years and what it means to us or does not! Our first guest, Meghan Don, is an Award-Winning Author, Multi-Faith Minister, and an Initiate of the Sophian Lineage. She has worked extensively with the Christian mystics, the Kabbalistic teachings, and Jungian psychology. She is renowned for her work in helping to raise the feminine consciousness and confidence in our world and shares her thoughts on the 7 faces of the Divine Feminine. Our second guest, Elly Swope, is a recording engineer from Portland Oregon. She is a multi-instrumentalist, self taught guitarist and professional drummer. She shares about life after a 5 year relationship and her band ended simultaneously. Taking sometime to reflect and think about what she loves and what inspires her creatively, her answer was making her own music and recording bands. Self Care dives into depression, trust and the fire energy of 2019!

#49 Bel Downey (Screenwriter) / Tracey Helton (The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin) “Finding Your Community and Saving Lives”

Holiday season, podcast recommendations, Belinda Downey is a screenwriter and is writing more female leads, and Tracey Helton, author of Hope After Heroin, she is a recovery activist and has saved over 300 lives by mailing out narcan all over the world.

#48 Lavender Suarez (Sound Healer) / Dana Ronnquist (Miss Hudson Valley) “Healing and Deep Listening”

Volunteering is important YEAR ROUND! Dana Ronnquist massage therapist and herbalist discusses healing Crohn’s her disease and ovarian cysts and Lavender Suarez after studying with Pauline Oliveros at the Deep Listening Institute.

#47 Amara Projansky (Luminary Media) / Leigh Henrich (Sweets and Pop Music) “Women Pioneers and Publishing and Music”

Amara Projansky is the founder and CEO of many Hudson Valley magazines, she talks about how she takes care of herself as a mother and a CEO, and Leigh Henrich of Sweets and Pop Music, starts her own music licensing after years of working for others in the indie music world.

#46 Liz Baker (Broadway Arts) / Rachael Pazdan (The HUM Series) “The Power of Faith and Women Collaborating”

RBG”Be a lady, don’t be overcome by useless emotions like anger” , Liz Baker community uplifter after mothers’ nervous breakdown, and Rachael Pazdan of NYC ‘The Hum Series’ on promoting female musicians.

#45 Sarah Bisceglie (Renaissance Woman) / Jeanne Brooks (Pleasure Activist) “Working Towards Humanity Centered Design”

Sarah Bisceglie founder of SEB Visions and Jeanne Brooks founder of Virago Futures for a lively show about anger, energy, healing, design thinking and truth telling

#44 Nada Khodlova (Dance Therapist) / Andrya Ambro (Gold Dime) “Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin”

Thanksgiving, gratitude, Nada Khodlova was very self conscious of her body as a young person, and studying dance helped her move into her discomfort and feel more comfortable in her own skin, and Andrya Ambro of the band Gold Dime, studied jazz at NYU and tours with Kim Gordan.

#43 Valeria Gheorghiu (Activist Attorney)/ Que Sera (Streetlight Boutique) “Living Cooperatively and Creatively”

#Toxic Femininity, Valeria Gheorghiu is an activist attorney and the destruction of paganism. Also Que Sera of Streetlight Boutique, home schooling her boys, and She’s All Fat Podcast!

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