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#134 Jaguar Mary X “Midnight Medicine Journey”

Today’s guest is none other than Jaguar Mary X host of Midnight Medicine Journey, a show that was birthed as a mash-up of recitations and discussions about science-fiction books by people of color, interviews with local and global artists, plant healers, spiritual visionaries, and medicine people with featured music from around the world. It continues to evolve as JMX expands and expounds about afro-futures, plant medicine, ancestors and spirit-infused ritual practice with an emphasis on queerness and mysticism. JMX identifies as a performance artist, a medicine woman working primarily with the plant mugwort, an elder, a fairy being, a hooper, a buddhist, all gender or non-gender, and down for discussing the movement away from the punitive justice system. Today we get to learn a little about JMX’s upbringing and deep dive into Buddhism at an early age which included hours of chanting mantra which led to some sharing of wisdom on language, decipherability, thought processes, and neurological rewiring. JMX shares their love of mugwort, how they use it in incense and ritual. Speaking of, you can purchase the magical stuff that she makes via  In the vein of mugwort and ritual, we talk self care and one of JMX’s favorite Midnight Medicine Journey shows on Nap Ministry and rest as resistance.

We close out the show talking about anger, desire, happiness, and gratitude. I am grateful for Jaguar Mary X and the archive of her shows that await me.

Today’s show was engineered by Manuel Blas of La Dosis Perfecta.

Our show music is from Shana Falana !!!

We also heard, “Beautiful One” by Simi Stone, “Dance” by ESG, and “If You Could Hear Me Now” by The Mammals.

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