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#97 “Keeping it Local” with Designer Sylvia Grieser, Jewelry Maker Rebecca Peacock, Artist Susie Ximenez & Cider Maker Kimberly Kae

Keeping it LOCAL! Look around you, support your friends and neighbors, buy local when you are able to! Joining me today live from Anderst on North Front Street, in Kingston, NY are a group of local ladies making things and doing things in the Hudson Valley. I did my best to edit out some of the technical hiccups we experienced with our remote broadcast so conversation does jump around a bit. Thanks ladies for joining in our talk!

Sylvia Grieser is an internationally renowned fashion stylist, costume designer and consultant for celebrities, films and design houses. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Fashion and Fine Art in Germany, she was invited to work for German Vogue,which led her to New York and a future in the Fashion and Advertising world. Celebrities like Diana Krall, Patti LuPone and Audra McDonald often consult her to style their appearances on prominent Award Shows or Album Covers. She has contributed to magazines like GQ, Details, Surface, VOGUE Goielli and VOGUE Pelle as well as MEN’S HEALTH, to name a few. On top of all that, she has created ANDERST@anderstny her boutique clothing line and store front located at 54 North Front Street in Kingston, NY,

Rebeccas Peacock  @rebecca_peacock is a fine jewelry maker based in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY. According to the lore, she was raised by wolves in the woods of the Catskill Mountains only to be tamed by ten years in the California salt air. She is now back in the Hudson Valley, crafting her gorgeous pieces, renovating a 19th century farmhouse, and womaning her store front in Uptown Kingston, NY. Rebecca tells us a bit about the process of making jewelry, about why keeping the local community in mind when designing and selling is important as well as where she gets her inspiration from.

Kimberly Kae from Metal House Cider stopped by to talk about the process of making cider from tree to label and how pruning is her favorite part of the process because she gets to spend time with the trees. They just announced that they will be donating $1 per bottle sold on all their 2017 vintages toward the Interpretive Center being build on the reclaimed African burial grounds in Kingston, NY. Thanks Metal House Cider!

Midway through Susie Ximenez from Latinx Project joined our conversation. Latinx seeks to promote Latinx art and culture in the Hudson Valley. They invest in creative work that highlights the complexity, nuance, and beauty of communities who are often rendered criminal or invisible.  Art has the power to move audiences in ways that movement messaging can’t—through new narratives that relate to and transform their own experiences. Latinx is hosting it’s second annual Mercadito on Nov. 30th from 10-3 at BSP Kingston. This is more than just a market, this is an effort to bring the POC community of Hudson Valley together and empower makers of color – to reclaim our crafts and empower our community to shop consciously.

Lucky for us, the wise and caring, Celina Pipman, LCSW, also stopped by to join in the conversation. We all got to talk about working collaboratively with other women, how community is important to us, what we get from community and what we need from community, in addition to how we are taking care of ourselves.

​Today’s show was engineered by Nick Panken, host of Freedom Highway, and Maddy Bogner of Radio Kingston, With special help from Perla Aroyo Darnell.

We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana,

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