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#46 Liz Baker (Broadway Arts) / Rachael Pazdan (The HUM Series) “The Power of Faith and Women Collaborating”

RBG”Be a lady, don’t be overcome by useless emotions like anger” , Liz Baker community uplifter after mothers’ nervous breakdown, and Rachael Pazdan of NYC ‘The Hum Series’ on promoting female musicians.

#46 Liz Baker (Broadway Arts) / Rachael Pazdan (The HUM Series) “The Power of Faith and Women Collaborating”

ONE MORE WEEK and Shana returns. Calling in from Ohio today.

As we begin playing clips from the film RBG, we are still circling this conversation around anger as we ponder Associate Justice Ginsburg’s mother’s advice to her, "Be a lady, don’t be overcome by useless emotions like anger." Useless? Is it? Let us know what you think!

Our first guest today is Liz Baker, a Kingston community builder and uplifter who co-founded Broadway Arts as a place to bring community together and encourage creative activity and a celebration of the arts. Liz shares about the challenges of her youth, her mother’s nervous breakdown, being in an out of trouble, living in foster homes and becoming pregnant at a very young age. When she experienced a life threatening automobile accident where the doctor’s said she would never walk again, she began to take back her life and lean on her faith to not only walk again but to turn things around for herself. She’s been active in pushing to repair police relations in her community after her son was wrongly attacked and tased by police just because his shorts’ color matched the description of the someone the police were looking for. What makes Liz most happy? Spending time with her family. You can find Liz at the new juice bar opening at Broadway Arts in a few weeks, and wish her a happy birthday on December 18th!

Our second guest today is Rachael Pazdan. Former talent buyer for Le Poison Rouge in NYC, she is now curating and promoting through her own company Hypnocraft. She is also the creator of the HUM Series, "a unique all-female collaborative music series where female musicians collaborate, write, and perform new material live, in the center of the room, for the very first time. The Hum’s mission is to highlight the double standard in the industry that makes it unusual for audiences to experience a night of music composed entirely by women". As a kid Rachael just knew she was going to be at the head of something, she just didn’t know it would be women in music. After overcoming an intense injury, she moved to NYC with determination, seems like a classic story, but her innovation and grit got her even further. Take a listen!

Self care time! Shana is listening to her body. She may not always like what it’s saying, but she is promising to listen to it. She’s also using lots of products from Dana Ronquist’s line of herbal products. Theresa gives her new moon reading about wish fulfillment from the Anahata chakra wish-fulfilling tree…wish big but be careful what you wish for! New Moon this Friday, blessings to all!

Today’s show was engineered by Manuel Blas of Radio Kingston,
We heard music from Shana Falana,, and audio from the film, RBG,

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