#56 Megan Offner (NY Heartwoods) / Erica Chase-Salerno (Thank You Cancer) “Living and Dying On Your Own Terms”

Girl Talking about Valentine’s Day and loving ourselves. Then our first guest, Megan Offner, owner of NY Heartwoods , talks about how she shifted into work that is aligned with her principles of sustainability, localism and community. She’s someone who’s worked to understand her own needs and balances her needs with the demands of running your own business. Let us all learn from Megan! Our second interview today is one that Shana lovingly recorded of her friend Erica Chase-Salerno from her hospice bed, 6 days before her passing. Erica was someone who embraced life fully and has done the same as well in her death. She’s beyond an inspiration to us all. Thank you Erica for being you in all you do! We love YOU!

#55 Women in Small Town Business (Jen Donovan, Maria Philippis, Elenie Loizou) “Wishing the Competition Success”

Not wishing our enemies to fail. Women doing business differently. Embracing competition and building family at work. Those are the topics we dig into today with our guests, Jen Donovan, Maria Phillipis and Elenie Loizou. They are three successful business women in a thriving smallish town in Kingston, NY. How do they do what they do, balancing work with children and sneaking in naps on the regular? Tune in to find out!

#53 ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW (w. Beetle, Freedom Walker and Julie Novak) “SEASON TWO, it’s All About the LOVE”

It’s our FIRST show of SEASON TWO!!!! We can hardly believe it ourselves. In Girl Talk we gush a bit about all that, catch up on the women’s march happenings and give props to an important suffragist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Today we mix things up from our Season One format and invite three fabulous humans to be our guests for a buzz session of sorts where we muck it up over things like comedy, love, fear, stage fright, overcoming, public speaking, queerness and more. Joining us are Julie Novak, Beetle and FreedomWalker, three people you really need to know. We promise!

#49 Bel Downey (Screenwriter) / Tracey Helton (The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin) “Finding Your Community and Saving Lives”

Holiday season, podcast recommendations, Belinda Downey is a screenwriter and is writing more female leads, and Tracey Helton, author of Hope After Heroin, she is a recovery activist and has saved over 300 lives by mailing out narcan all over the world.

#46 Liz Baker (Broadway Arts) / Rachael Pazdan (The HUM Series) “The Power of Faith and Women Collaborating”

RBG”Be a lady, don’t be overcome by useless emotions like anger” , Liz Baker community uplifter after mothers’ nervous breakdown, and Rachael Pazdan of NYC ‘The Hum Series’ on promoting female musicians.

#43 Valeria Gheorghiu (Activist Attorney)/ Que Sera (Streetlight Boutique) “Living Cooperatively and Creatively”

Toxic Femininity, Valeria Gheorghiu is an activist attorney and the destruction of paganism. Also Que Sera of Streetlight Boutique, home schooling her boys, and She’s All Fat Podcast!

#42 Donna Costello (Choreographer) / Reverend Jordan Scruggs (Modern Spirituality) “Process Junky and Modern Day Spirituality”

Donna Costello, choreographer and dance educator at the Park Avenue Armory, managed to move quite quickly into her success in NYC, and Reverend Jordan Scruggs is broadly focused on the alleviation of poverty which translates into some truly beautiful community building activities like “Waffle Church”

#41 Jude-Laure Denis (Community Activist) / Pandora (Wiccan-Priestess & Artist) “Liberating Yourself”

Halloween, Wiccan/Priestess Anne Brannen aka Pandora on letting go of your identity, Jude-Laure Denis, Haitian Buddhist Activist, understanding white supremacy.

#40 DJ Ali Gruber (Get Down Upstate) / Gabrielle Hill (Restorative Justice) “Michael Jackson Dance Party Queen and Circle Keeper”

Theresa calls in from the Badlands, DJ Ali Spins tells us about her 2 purple turntables and how she keeps going when her husband gets diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Gabrielle Hill talks Restorative Justice and Circle Keeping!

#38 Khadijah Ward (EVOLVE) / Joan Ffolliot (Ffolliot Design) “Deep Connection to the Earth, Art As Language”

“Who Is Believed and Who is Blamed” (Kavanaugh hearings), Khadijah Ward works at FAMILY of Woodstock as the program administrator for EVOLVE, a batterer’s intervention program, designer and artist Joan Ffolliot of Ffolliot Design, setting boundaries with clients.