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heart attack – i want what SHE has

213 Caron Grossman “Heart Health and Permission to Grieve”

Caron Grossman is a Registered Nurse and Certified Transitional Life Coach. She has worked extensively with families, patients and health care providers in organ donation, critical care, health coaching and addiction. She has spent a great deal of time working with people in grief, end of life and other complex life transitions and living losses.

Caron is an inspirational speaker who offers different perspectives on grief. Topics have ranged from Self Care for Healthcare Providers when Experiencing Grief and Trauma, Learning to Communicate with your Grief, Caregiver Burnout and more…She finds great joy in creating and holding space in both large and small Grief Workshops and is looking forward to a new role as a volunteer and speaker for the American Heart Association.

Caron enjoys meditation, hiking, writing, drumming, frisbee, dancing, anything to do with water, one on one conversations over coffee, walking her favorite grand puppy, Lady Bark Ruffalo and her greatest joy is spending time with her 20 month granddaughter, Chloe, who has taught her the magic of pure play and presence.

Today Caron shares her story about losing her mom at the age of 13 to a heart attack when her mom was just 39 years old, and how her grief from that affected her life until the point that Caron decided to turn things around. She changed her eating, stopped drinking and tended to her emotional needs. A few weeks after a clear echocardiogram last year, she suffered her own heart attack. Caron shares the lessons learned and what she knows about tending to the needs of her heart, both physically and emotionally. We also talk about the importance of women understanding that we do not always present the same way as men when having a heart attack, and to trust your gut when it comes to advocating for your health.

As someone who’s studied and worked with her own grief Caron also talks about giving ourselves permission to grieve, including how to communicate with your grief. Here’s her TEDxTalk on the subject.

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