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#190 Kia Abilay “The Gift of Listening”

On the show today I get to speak with Kia Abilay an Akashic Records Teacher and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Energy & Intuitive Communicator and a One Spirit Minister. For many years she worked as a practitioner in the Wellness Center at Omega but for the past year has been working on a book sharing stories from her work and lessons about the gift of listening. The book is titled The Gift of Listening, Cultivating Your Connection with Spirit and is due to be released on October 20, 2021. You can get info about the book and general newsletter goodness by signing up for her mailing list, or follow her on Instagram for announcements.

Today Kia shares about her connection with Spirit and how it’s impacted her life as well as some stories from her life and how the process of writing her first book has continued her lifelong work of listening and healing. She also gracefully indulges my curiosities about her time spent doing astral travel and talks about how we all receive these gifts from Spirit, we just don’t always open them.

Here’s the Moon report that I read from in honor of the Pisces Full Moon. Moon blessings to y’all!

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda of Radio Kingston.

Our show music is from Shana Falana !!!

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