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#77 Women’s Small Business + Kara Martin Snyder “Le Vital Corps Salon” Podcast – i want what SHE has

#77 Women’s Small Business + Kara Martin Snyder “Le Vital Corps Salon” Podcast

Hey, hey, I am in Wisconsin this week so playing some very special recorded interviews.

First up, I speak with a group of powerhouse women who are all panelists at the upcoming, 3 Hours of Peace, Love and Women’s Small Business, happening at Provisions in Woodstock on July 19th from 4-7pm. Our talk is just a small sample of the wisdom that will be shared by these ladies during the event that I am moderating. Today, we talk about what makes them good at what they do and what they do when the going gets tough. Joining me in this conversation and on the 19th are: Dani Hughes of Divine Asset Mgt. – Raising money and valuing your business: Abbe Aronson, of Abbe Does It – Public relations and marketing, editorial, event planning, image and design consulting, fundraising and what she refers to as “artful schmoozing” — business intros that truly count; Jolie Peters, of Tinker Street Social – Social media and digital marketing agency dedicated to small businesses and non-profits, and how to grow your online presence and best practices; Wendy Heilbut, of Jayaram Law – Attorney & Angel investor, works with emerging companies as their outside general counsel helping position them for growth; Lauree Ostrofsky of Simply Leap, LLC – author, business coach, hugger & founder of Hudson Valley Women in Business, the largest community of women business owners in our region. Get your tix to the event on the 19th HERE!

Next I play my interview with Kara Martin Snyder, recorded just a few short weeks ago. Kara is an unconventionally resourceful, former bean-counting, question-asking machine, critical thinker, and strategic problem-solver who’s been turning around stressful, chaotic situations for individuals and organizations for over 20 years. After a decade of supporting frazzled, Type-A women at the intersection of functional health & lifestyle redesign, she’s now focusing her efforts on Le vital corps Salon podcast, where she hosts successful working women – from artists to change agents to astronauts – and asks them how they navigate BS and sidestep burnout. Kara and I talk about life as a CPA, what that lifestyle did to her health, how to make the difficult but powerful decision to transition from one career to another, and what she’s doing now in addition to podcasting, hint…beekeeping!

Next week, we welcome back Dr. Amy Novatt and Mel Toth, talking women’s health, endometriosis and radical self-care!

Until then, love yourself and uplift one another!

Today’s show was engineered by Manuel Blas and Ben Benton of Radio Kingston,

We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana,

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