#88 “Gyno Chat” with Dr. Novatt and “Improvising” with Musician Arone Dyer

Woo hoo, I am back from my travels and happy to be chatting live with some ladies today. First up, Dr. Amy Novatt, Gynecologist and Women’s Health Advocate is back with us answering questions about menopause and perimenopause today. She’ll be back again in November taking your calls so stay tuned for more details on her next appearance.

Joining me for my chat with the doctor and for a deep dive into her life and her process is Arone Dyer, a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer & founding member of duos Buke and Gase@bukeandgase & Mistresses@mistressesband as well as the composer and director of Dronechoir @dronechoir where she examines social dis/comfort through long-durational choral performance, metamorphosing through a moving meditation of sometimes subtle sonic changes. In addition to her own projects she has made appearances on the National’s 2018 Grammy-winning release Sleep Well Beast, creating and singing the introduction to their #1 Billboard Hit “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” and collaborated with many other artists too! We talk about Arone’s formidable years, her first band, leaving the band, collaborating, improvising, letting go, dreaming and a bit more that you’ll have to tune in to hear all about. She’s participating in this year’s O+ Festival with Dronechoir and if you’re interested in joining the Dronechoir, subscribe here to be in touch with Arone.

Today’s show was engineered by Maddy Bogner and Manuel Blas of Radio Kingston, http://www.radiokingston.org.

We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana, http://www.shanafalana.com/ She’s got a new release coming out on October 25th so go click on her website!

As well as the songs:

“Derby” by Buke and Gase, Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez

“Define” by Mistresses, Arone Dyer with drummer Ryan Oslance

“SYLLABA” a sonic snippet of Dronechoir from Basilica’s Dronefest in 2018

It’s Over” by Arone Dyer with singers Heather Woods-Broderick and Bethany Meyers, live at People Festival in Berlin 2018

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