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#21 Girls Inc (In Her Voice Podcast) / Alison Leiber (Quiver Music Licensing) “Girl Power and Being True to Yourself”

With Theresa calling in from her family visit in Wisconsin, she and Shana talk about what her nieces are up to, getting a feel on what it’s like to be a young girl in today’s world. Theresa shares her interview with Maria Jansdotter Farr and Emma and Jordan, two New Paltz High School students, participating in the Girls Inc. program and their podcast In Her Voice which digs into the topics of Toxic Masculinity, Gender-based Violence and Conditioned Sexism. Shana shares her interview with Alison Lieber of Quiver and (formerly Team Love) where the two discussed finding the dream job, what you give up along the way, staying connected with magic, and making hard decisions.

#16 Carla Rozman (Artist, Designer) / Jen Donovan (Le Shag) “Beauty and Business”

Guest Host, Designer and Artist, Carla Rozman joins Theresa this week while Shana is away. We discuss the latest in (hashtag) metoo and critique the design of Melania’s new campaign to combat bullying. We have fun interviewing Jen Donovan, beauty and style maven and founder of LeShag. We have fun with the Vogue 73 questions and learn about parthenogenesis from our gals at WINGS.

#13 Liz Harrington (O+ Fest, Entrepreneur) / Kim Field (Stargazer Lilies) “Life After New York City”

Today we catch up on things, Shana in the recording studio and the emotions that come up around that, and Theresa and “babygate.” Warning, lots of emotions around trying to conceive. We’re then joined by guest Liz Harrington, wife, Mom, pollinator for the Hudson Valley’s local currency who talks about leaving NYC behind to build her dream life upstate. Our second guest is Kim Field, singer and bass player for the band, The Stargazer Lilies. Amidst the ups and downs of musicianhood, Kim too made the leap from NYC to the Poconos in search of a…yep, a different lifestyle.

#10 Rebecca Moore (Musician, Avant-Guard Performer, Activist) “From Art to Veganism”

On today’s show Shana and Theresa talk with Rebecca Moore, musician, actor, performance artist, educator, activist and co-founder of Hudson Valley Veg Fest.

#8 Lori Ann King (Author) / Vickie Tanner (Writer, Performer) “Hashtag Me Too”

On today’s show Shana and Theresa break down the #metoo conversation further by looking at the messages they received as young women and how those messages shaped how they’ve responded to men and sexual harassment in their lives. Special guest, Lori Ann King, talks about her personal health journey through a hysterectomy, an oophorectomy, and the sudden onset of surgical menopause. Vickie Tanner shares her story about pursuing her dreams as an actor in NYC. And don’t forget self-care!

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