233 Shauna Kanter “Summer Youth Workshop – Voice Theatre”

Shauna Kanter has taught CNN announcers, as well as speakers and singers of all backgrounds for over thirty years; from teachers, lawyers, Broadway actors, and Royal Shakespeare Company members, to folks who just cringe at the sound of their own voice. She has served as a New York Foundation for the Arts mentor for immigrant artists and is the Artistic Director of Voice Theatre in NYC and Kingston, NY.

She has taught voice and served on the faculty of: NYU Tisch School of the Arts, T. Schreiber Studio and The Stella Adler Studio. She has been a Guest Artist at: Williams College, Hardin Simmons College, Columbia Festival of the Arts, Bowdoin College and Louisiana Tech among many others. In the UK, she taught at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Queen Margaret College, Middlesex University, Mountview Academy, the Healing Arts and in London’s West End at the Drill Hall. In Berlin at the Pfefferwerk Centre and at Ernst Busch Schauspielkunst. In the Middle East at the Cameri Theatre, Israel and Ashtar Theatre, Palestine.

Shauna studied the Linklater technique with Kristin Linklater and holds a BFA from SUNY Purchase and a certificate in directing from The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Bristol, UK. Her plays have been performed in the US, UK, Germany, France and the Middle East. She has directed over 40 productions on four continents. Voice and Speech Warm-Up by Shauna Kanter is published by Drama Books. Her plays have been published by the University of Nebraska and she is featured in Stage Warriors published by Cune Press.

Today Shauna shares the details about the upcoming Summer Youth Workshop taking place August 1-8, 2022 at ASK in Kingston. Registration closes on July 20th, and if it’s already full, email them at info@voicetheatre.org to join Voice Theatre’s mailing list and learn about future youth programming and events.

We also get to speak about Shauna’s background in theater and as an actor and how she transitioned to directing including some of the important plays she’s worked on over the years and what Voice Theatre is up to these days. Their work includes supporting undocumented and unaccompanied young men in Kingston to tell their stories to Kingston High Schoolers, facilitating a connection and a deeper understanding of the stories of others. Shauna and I also discuss the voice in general and the power it has to convey and also to heal when our voices have been restricted or suppressed during our lifetimes. It’s powerful work that I hope you’ll tune in for!

Here’s a link to the Spotify Playlist for the second half of the show!

We heard music from Shana Falana!

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#98 “Artists and Activists” Helene Richman + Judith “Zelda” Miller

My first guest today is Helene Richman, a mom, wife, artist and creative force behind @brandhelene (Twitter, Facebook) who’s been working with a group of girl entrepreneurs, the Start Up Squad, at the Hodge Center in Kingston, NY. She’s been helping them learn about and build a business. I got to hang out with the girls a few weeks ago and talk about how to create their own radio show. After some prep and a little training, they all got to interview one another. I play some snippets of their interviews during today’s show as well as talk about what the girls have done in the program. After meeting with several entrepreneurs in the area the girls settled in on t-shirts for their business which they will debut at @madeinkingstonny this Thursday! Helene also shares about her corporate business experience and how she’s transferring that in to more service oriented roles. This year she organized the Hudson Valley Design Collective, (Facebook) focusing on upcycling used tectiles in an effort to help shift the waste in the clothing business. The Collective will also be at Made in Kingston along with Helene’s other endeavor with BlocArt, selling upcycled wood made by living wage workers in South Africa. No wonder this lady has another cold!

Next up is Zelda aka Judith Z. Miller @artistsoulspeaks an artist, actor, aspiring shaman and healer who’s talking about her work-in-progress solo show, Que Será, Será: A Life’s Journey of Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression. This multi-media show chronicles the joys and challenges of navigating non-binary Queerness from childhood in the 1950’s to adulthood. Zelda will be performing a work-in-progress production of the show on December 7 @ 8:30 pm & December 8 @ 3 pm at the @lgbtqcenter here in Kingston. Zelda shares about how she got into theater, some of the more powerful experiences she’s had like performing pieces in a women’s prison in Virginia, or a short piece that helped her heal her younger self who was forced to wear dresses against her wishes. Zelda is a gifted, open-hearted, magical and mystical being who has stories to share that are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and most definitely think! If you can’t get to her live performance, Radio Kingston will be live streaming the Sunday show from their Facebook page which you can view any time ->->-> Check it out!!!

Today’s show was engineered by Maddy Bogner of Radio Kingston, http://www.radiokingston.org.

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