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#167 Marielena Ferrer “Espiritualidad y Politica”

It’s the return of Marielena Ferrer-Harrington! She was a contributor to the book Espiritualidad y Politica which was published 10 years ago, and she feels it’s time to start revisiting these subjects from today’s lens. Mariaelena is the Executive Director of Humanamente — a diversity and inclusion consulting organization, Chair of the Athena Network New York — a psychosocial support network in the area of social services, health, and specifically in mental health, for immigrants experiencing psychological challenges related to the migratory process, a board member of the Family of Woodstock, a member of the Arts Mid-Hudson Advisory Board, and Kingston’s City Arts Commission. Marielena is an artist and the artist behind Radio Kingston has begun its Muchas Flores (Un Jardin, Many Flowers, One Garden) Campaign to welcome in the warm season. Check it out over People’s Place. You can listen to her previous interview from September of 2020 where we speak more about her life and her work. Today, and every second Moonday of the month, she’ll be joining me to discuss various topics related to this important book.

The book contains essays from internationally recognized authors including Ken Wilber, Ervin Laszlo, and Tariq Ramadan as well as Spanish-speaking pundits such as Jordi Pigem and Vicente Merlo, “Espiritualidad y politica” offers global and local proposals for integrating a spiritual dimension in the political sphere and, concurrently, for infusing current spiritual movements with a practical component. Society’s relationship with money, cultural integration, sustainable development, and participation in public life are among the topics discussed in depth and with an actionable focus. The overarching message is that it is possible and necessary to marry the art of living (spirituality) with the art of coexisting (politics) to achieve peace.

Spirituality and politics will set the tone for our monthly conversations as we meander through topics related to power, money, purpose, sustainability, compassion, community, participation in politics, service, ethics, the tarot and wherever else we are guided. We’d love for you to join in this conversation as it’s meant to support all of us through a deeper understanding of ourselves and one another.

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda of Radio Kingston.

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