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#150 Susan Slotnick and “Flight, the Dance of Freedom”

Susan Slotnick is a Visual Artist, Choreographer, Dancer, Writer, and Social Justice Volunteer. For 16 years, she has gone behind the walls at The Woodbourne Correctional facility and DFY (division for youth prison) every Friday and Sunday to bring the joy of modern dance to incarcerated men and boys under the auspices of RTA Rehabilitation through the Arts.

She founded Figures-In-Flight Dance School and in 1995, the Company attained professional status, launching a paid tour of New York State schools with a dance drama aimed to prevent bullying.She’s been featured in Dance, Dance Teacher, and Dance Studio magazines. In 2014 she received the “Caring Heart Award” from Dance Studio magazine for her work with incarcerated populations. In 2010 Susan was featured in the Huffington Post as the  “Greatest Woman of The Day”  in celebration of Women’s History Month. In 2016 she received the prestigious Justice Through the arts and journalism award from the NYSACDL New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

In addition to her work in dance, Susan continues her career as a painter and a writer. She’s been a featured columnist for the New York State newspaper The New Paltz Times. A documentary profile about her entitled “The Game Changer,” has been accepted at 15 film festivals including The Cannes Film Festival and won first prize for best documentary short at The Harlem Film Festival. She recently published her memoir, “Flight, The Dance of Freedom.”

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