305 Alana Connelly “From Grief to Joy”

Alana Connelly has been an intuitive her whole life, and studying the healing arts for over 25 years. She struggled to find her way after her husband passed in his early 40’s. Watching someone you love more than life itself leave this world leaves an indescribable pain and loss. After allowing herself the time to feel the overwhelming sadness, she found herself in Bali in a yoga teacher training that didn’t go as planned, but it allowed her to reconnect with herself and eventually pursue a path of helping others by opening her own wellness center,  a non-profit bakery to support local women, and a women’s artisan co-op. While some projects failed, others succeeded but brought up questions about her life’s purpose, who she is, including a lot of self doubt and uncertainties. She found herself sitting with more hurt, anger, sadness and pain, but she knew it was the only way through. She’s now living a life that she enjoys and has found happiness again. As a registered vet tech for over 28 years, she’s now pursuing a PhD program in clinical psychology with a focus on mind, body and spirit with the hope that she will help others find the joy in life no matter what happens.

Today she shares about allowing herself to sit in the sadness, the hurt, and pain in order to really move through the grief, how a yoga teacher training changed her life and taught her about how the other side of fear is freedom. She’s living that freedom today despite life’s ups and downs, practicing letting go of expectations and loving herself unconditionally.

Alana recently contributed to a book titled Do More Stupid Things, a book that celebrates those who dare to live outside the lines. These stories will remind you that taking risks and self belief are the key ingredients to magic and miracles. It’s not easy to go against the grain, but as you’ll see in this book, it offers huge rewards for the brave ones willing to “do stupid things.”

Alana’s work can be found at http://www.wildrootsyogawellness.com and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wildroots_wellness/

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Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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#96 “Sit & Spin and Physiologus” with artists, Sophi Kravitz + Jicky Schnee

Sort of speechless about the body of work that these women have created. Enjoy!

Sophi Kravitz is an artist and electronic engineer who’s always been fascinated with people, people she already knows and strangers alike. She believes that incorporating public art into a shared experience can be a strong conduit to the acceptance of the human next to you. She often collaborates as part of a larger collective as the construction of the work is highly technical, relying on the strength of both her background and love of bringing people together on collaborations. She believes in the simple magic of theatrical storytelling and works with classical sculpture, metal, code, and electronics to create beautiful playthings. Sophi shares her journey into making art and objects of play from her early childhood, to sculpture, electronic engineering, puppet making and most recently Hackaday, the company she now works for which serves up “Fresh Hacks Every Day” from around the Internet. Her previous collaborative art projects are inventive and impressive, and she shares how recently she’s begun making them meaningful in a deeper way by considering visitors’ reaction to current events to create deeper thoughts about the human experience. Check out her website for the elaborate and inspiring list of art she co-created.

Jicky Schnee is a mother, artist, actor and model, who despite the many different forms that it takes, is seeking to depict and understand authenticity and purity through her art. Jicky shares about her mother really helped to move her forward in life and career by pushing her to NYC and to connect with a key photographer boosting her modeling career. Jicky lost her mother when she was just 25 so we speak a bit about the uniqueness of the mother/daughter relationship and how she healed from the deep grief of losing her mother. Jicky’s interest in authenticity surfaces in many ways including our conversation about social media and the selfie phenomenon which seemingly places value on how people view us rather than how we value who and what we are. This aligns with Jicky’s new-ish appreciation of Crone Culture vs. Youth Culture, and she’s choosing to see and value the wisdom of those who’ve come before her over the priorities and actions of the youth which so often manifests in social media. We squeeze a lot into this hour including the physical and psychological challenges of acting, working with and admiring Joaquin Phoenix, studying psychology, raising daughters, and wanting to experience “the other side,” see her “Physiologus” work for reference.

There’s just not enough time in a two hour show I say! Hopefully these ladies will come back again. We have some unfinished conversation to be had.

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