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brigid – i want what SHE has

259 Season 6! and Brigid of Imbolc

It’s the 259th EPISODE, and we slid into our 6th season last week. I think that’s something to celebrate!!! Looking down memory lane has me feeling full with all of the phenomenal women that have been on this show.

Today we’re also celebrating Brigid and St. Brigid in preparation for Imbolc and Candlemas. Some sites that I referenced.

Here’s the tutorial on making a no waste St. Brigid’s Day Cross.

Inspiration for celebrating Imbolc.

I also shared poetry from Tina Barry and Gisela Stromeyer

If you want to join in the virtual Candlemas celebration at the Center for Symbolic Studies taking place this Saturday at 9pm via Zoom, you can email

Suggested donation of $20 to support our work.

Full Moon Report is HERE.

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda from

Our show music is from Shana Falana! And listened to the following songs during the live show.

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