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cancer free – i want what SHE has

226 “Decoding Health” Sarah Ann Carlson

Sarah Carlson is a health coach who was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2020. What followed was a deep plunge into her health, genetics, nutrient levels and energetic and mental healing as she figured out the roadmap to wellness, vitality, and resilience that was individualized and informed by her unique genetics.

At this point, the deep darkest night of the soul of her cancer journey is passed, and despite being stage 2A at time of her surgery, she just celebrated her one year anniversary of her diagnosis with her first mammogram and ultrasound, and is well and cancer-free! She’s learned a lot along the way and is now helping others decode their health. You can sign up for Sarah’s newsletter and follow her on Instagram  @decodinghealthprogram to get notifications about podcast episodes, blog posts, happenings, or to just hear about her work and her journey.

Today’s episode is rich with useful information. Some key take aways: a one size approach may not be the most efficient or the most effective approach to managing one’s health; it’s important to have a complete picture of your health including genetics and nutrient levels via bloodwork; hormone imbalance in women is prevalent, but there’s lots that can be done; speaking of, it’s important for you to know about choline; there are good and not so good ways to detox the body, it can happen quite naturally with the proper support; knowing how and where your body is taking in toxins is a part of the overall equation; health also encompasses emotional wellbeing and intergenerational trauma.

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