#156 Maryline Damour” Kingston Design Connection

Today’s guest is Maryline Damour of Kingston Design Connection and Damour Drake. After many years working in marketing, business development and public relations for firms such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC and Accenture, Maryline returned to school to study interior design at Parsons The New School for Design. Originally from Haiti, Maryline has been actively involved in interior design projects in Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. She is currently developing a vocational school in Léogâne, Haiti focused on teaching safer building techniques and practices for the construction industry.

The Kingston Design Connection mission is to aid the creative community in the Hudson Valley to connect, collaborate and support each other’s businesses. It hosted its first design showhouse in October 2018 to showcase and celebrate Hudson Valley design which included 10 interior designers and over 100 local makers, artists and retailers. It has grown exponentially each year and has been featured in Architectural Digest; House Beautiful; Hudson Valley Magazine; Aspire Design and Home; Chronogram; Upstate House; Almanac Weekly; WSJ; and MSN.

Today we talked about how Maryline went from being a literature major to a marketing professional to an interior designer and most recently forming the Kingston Design Connection. Hint, it’s all really just communication. She’s full of deep wisdom and a desire to build community, and I loved our conversation!

You can find Maryline and KDC on Instagram.

I also introduced Malebo Sephodi, author, development worker and social commentator on development, identity and gender issues. We get to hear her Lyttleton Women TEDx Talk about self care as a tool of liberation! She’s going to be an upcoming guest so wanted to introduce you to her.

Last but not least, I announce our book club! It’s official, at the suggestion of past guest, Rakel Stammer, we’re going to read and discuss, Sylvia Federici’s, Caliban and The Witch. Our plans are to spend the month of March discussing, but for now you can get a head start on reading if you want to follow along! More to come on how to join in the conversation…

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#86 “Women Helping Women” with New Start for Women Program Director, Jordan Scruggs + Grief Coach, Claire Papell’

Writing from Espańa and after a little schedule mixup on my part, sharing the proper episode for today’s show. Don’t worry, Keiko and Claudia are next week, I promise!!! I am so excited to be sharing these interviews that I recorded with these two fabulous women who embody a big theme of this show, Women Helping Women!

My first interview is with Jordan Scruggs, a past guest with an exciting new job at SUNY Ulster as director of the New Start for Women Program. Jordan shares all the details about this program which to me is a great example of how one community is working to help lift up women who so deserve it. Jordan shares the fears and excitement of a career change and the lessons she’s already learning on her new job about the reality of what life can be like for these women. I can’t wait to have the women in the program on the show to hear about their experiences and the sisterhood they are already forming!

Midway through today’s show you’ll hear my chat with Claire Papell, a Grief Coach for Women holding space for women to heal and recover from the loss of a loved one. I was introduced to Claire by friend Amy Short and was so impressed by the meaningfulness of her work that I wanted to have her on as a guest. Claire is an advanced certified yoga teacher and a continuing student of yogic philosophy and spiritual wisdom which she brings into her work. Claire shares about her own past trauma and how it has led her to the work she does in holding space in a world that is often trying to push and pull us into places we are not yet ready to go. Thank you Claire!

Brava ladies!

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