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child sexual abuse – i want what SHE has

#121 JoAnn Stevelos “Public Health Advisor, Researcher and Speaker”

Today I am honored to welcome JoAnn Stevelos to the show. A public health advisor, researcher and speaker, she started out working in a virology lab and has since worked for startups and nonprofits to prevent cancer, type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses, and is now presently the Executive Director for the Coalition for Supportive Care of Kidney Patients at the School of Nursing at George Washington University. She is a musician, playwright and writer who has used both her professional and creative skills in her work to prevent child violation, trauma, and sex trafficking, as well as to help political activists who have survived prison and torture receive the psycho-social services needed to help them reintegrate into society. She is published widely including a book about her own story as a victim, survivor, and advocate of child sexual abuse by clergy titled, Howard Be Thy Name.

Today we talk about some difficult yet important conversations like child sexual abuse, grooming of communities by abusers, childhood obesity, young male sexuality, pornography, and early childhood intervention to prevent abuse. JoAnn shares about her creative endeavors which have helped her do some pretty difficult work over the years, how her work with the Coalition has been affected by COVID-19, public health in light of what we’re experiencing with COVID including an article she wrote about Helping Child Abuse Victims During COVID-19, and one of her favorite subjects, HOPE! She’s truly a well of profound wisdom and a force of positivity whose story I am so happy to be able to share.

Thanks JoAnn, can’t wait to follow along in all your creative endeavors!

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