#187 Anyssa Lucena “Confident Climbers”

Today’s guest is the very inspiring Anyssa Lucena. She helps women climbers gain confidence by teaching them how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, get stronger and live an empowered life through climbing. As a former rock climber, when I heard about Anyssa and her work, my curiosity led me to her website where I learned more about her background, and her story was so inspiring that I wanted to invite her on the show. Due to her schedule, we recorded our conversation last week, and I play that for you today. As you’ll hear, after having 3 kids, Anyssa suddenly realized she was deeply unhappy with her life.  Something was missing.  Her youngest was 9 months old when she asked her husband for a divorce. She was 38, suddenly a divorced – single mom of 3 kids, ages 5, 3, and 9 months and had no idea whatsoever what her future would look like.  She had left her wall street job when she had kids, and although she was well educated and experienced, she couldn’t imagine returning to a corporate environment.  She had no idea what her future would look like, but she had faith that somehow, things would work out.  Spoiler alert, things have turned out well for Anyssa, but getting there wasn’t always easy and rock climbing helped her find her way. It’s surprising how metaphorical rock climbing is for life in general.  Her story really resonated with me and I hope you enjoy it too.

Some of my favorite parts of our conversation today are about exploring fears, self compassion, mom guilt, “divorce arms,” internal validation, shifts in mindset and celebrating failure. So good!

As I mention at the end of the show, here’s the article about Menstrual Huts in India.

And here’s the article I referenced about addiction to money and power that Marielena and I will touch upon during the September 13th show.

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#106 Comedians Jessieca McNabb and Perla Ayora

I managed to keep things relatively sane with these two comedians in the house today. Perla Ayora, Tech Coordinator at Radio Kingston and Stand Up Comedian talks about her roots in the Yucatan, Mayan culture, leaving for the States, the discrimination she faced and how she came to try stand up comedy about a year ago. Jessieca McNabb started performing stand up in the early ’90s and hasn’t stopped making people laugh since. Aside from splitting sides each week as co-host on No One Like You, she is a regular emcee of various comedy events all over the Hudson Valley. She’s been involved in community activism with Harambee Kingston and now co-hosts Harambee Radio, a weekly show on RadioKingston.

We get into a little of the personal and a little of the professional. Uncovering a bit of their process, why comedy is important to them, a transformational life experience each of them had, Black History month, empathy, building connections, breaking down walls, what they do to take care of themselves and lots more. I started this show thinking that doing stand up would be frightening, and I haven’t changed my mind. The fascinating thing is that they both feel the same way. They experience that fear before each of their shows yet they still get out there and do it. I am seriously impressed. Brava ladies!

You can catch them next on February 14th at the Valentine’s Day Love and Laugh Get Down. Lots is happening for Black History Month here in Kingston like Sip and Paint this Sunday, February 9th and Nubian Cafe on Wednesday, February 12th hosted by Radio Kingston’s SB. I’ll say it again here folks, Black History is everyone’s History so it’s a great time to think about what that means for you and how you celebrate your neighbors year-round. If you want to get involved or support Harambee, you can learn more here.

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