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design – i want what SHE has

240 Kingston Design Showhouse with Maryline Damour and Jennifer Salvemini

Joining me today are two highly talented women, Maryline Damour and Jennifer Salvemini.

Maryline is a seasoned interior designer, entrepreneur, and home expert based in the Hudson Valley. She founded the design/construction firm Damour Drake with partner Fred Drake, and then developed Kingston Design Connection and the annual Kingston Design Showhouse to help connect designers, makers, artists, contractors and design/build businesses in the region.

I’m honored to have her return to the show this year considering she has since appeared on the Drew Barrymore show and been featured on a billboard in Time Square! Looking forward to learning about becoming a non-profit and what to look forward to at this year’s showhouse.

P.S. you can catch previous conversations she’s had with other creatives on her radio show, “Maryline By Design.”

Jennifer Salvemini is at heart a producer, bringing elements from her personal passions into cohesive creations, ranging from living spaces to curated events. As a student of anthropology and philosophy, her academic interests evolved into an obsession for aesthetic expression in all areas of culture. She developed an intense appreciation for deep sensory experiences and finds great satisfaction in creating sensational experiences for others. Jennifer is an interior designer living and practicing in the Catskills and is the founder of Hinterland. Hinterland is an unfurling dream. It’s a playground, a sanctuary, and a home – an evolving concept to bridge disciplines, build community and generate joy. You’re invited! Jennifer is also a member of the Kingston Design Connection strategy team, the organization which produces the annual Kingston Design Show House, as well as a participant designer.

This year’s showhouse takes place October 7-23. We talk about lots more including career changes, following your passion, stars aligning, magic happening, and how to keep the design world aimed towards quality of life for all regardless of income levels.

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda from Radio Kingston.

Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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