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displacement – i want what SHE has

#136 Gentrification

The subject of gentrification in our area has been an important one for several years and is reaching peak crisis now that there’s a great migration to our area from New York City. I wanted to better understand gentrification and how we can prevent its harmful effects and this show is highlighting what I’ve learned in pursuit of a better understanding of the situation. We hear from many women on this show via speeches I was able to source from the internet.

Stacey Sutton, Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Policy in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs (CUPPA) at the University of Illinois Chicago. Her research focuses on worker cooperatives, economic democracy, equitable development, and racially disparate effects of place-based policy and planning. In a forthcoming study, titled “Cooperative Cities,” Stacey examines how municipal leaders are creating enabling environments for starting and sustaining worker-owned cooperatives and limitations of the local state in the cooperative movement. Other bodies of work focus on “Punitive Cities,” meaning the disparate impact of urban policies and place-based initiatives. This includes examining the impact of business improvement districts (BIDs) for small businesses in NYC and the impact of red light and speeding camera tickets on drivers across Chicago. Finally, Stacey examines interplay among race, gentrification and neighborhood change. This is reflected in an article on gentrification and racial transition in the Journal of Urban Affairs. It is also the premise of her book project titled, Buy Black: Race, Retail and the Politics of Neighborhood Business Survival, that examines neighborhood change through the lens of Black small business-owners. Stacey tells how business-owners were instrumental for revitalizing a Brooklyn neighborhood and how processes of gentrification, including the enactment and enforcement of land-use rules, building codes and other regulatory apparatus, hasten shop closure and upend community cohesion. Sutton holds a joint PhD in Urban Planning and Sociology from Rutgers University, and a MBA from New York University. Stacey Sutton, TedX NY 2015

Laura Flanders is an Izzy-Award winning independent journalist, a New York Times bestselling author and the recipient of the Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women’s Media Center. Laura Flanders Show on Radio Kingston. And in conjunction with Transformative Cities. Also, The Laura Flanders Show on Buffalo, NY and their 9 Points Vision for their city.

Makenna Marshall TEdX – New Urbanism and Privilege

The Real Kingston Tenant’s Union from the Walk for Black Lives in Kingston, NY on August, 26, 2020 with Rashida Tyler, Kwame Holmes and June Tienken.

Dr. Winifred Curran is an urban geographer. Her research has focused on understanding the effects of gentrification on the urban landscape, looking at labor, industrial retention, policing, environmental gentrification and the gendering of urban policy. She is the author if Gender and Gentrification (Routledge 2018) and co-editor, with Trina Hamilton, of Just Green Enough: Urban Development and Environmental Gentrification. 2016 TedX

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