#141 Barbara Sarah “Circle of Friends for the Dying”

83 years young, Barbara Sarah, has brought a lot of goodness to the world and shows no signs of slowing down. Following a breast cancer diagnosis in 1992, she left a 20-year career as a school social worker on Long Island and chose to dedicate herself to work in oncology. Founder of the Oncology Support Program at HealthAlliance Hospital in Kingston, she is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NY State Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and the NY State Governor’s Award for Innovation in Breast Cancer Education. She’s a Co-founder of Circle of Friends for the Dying, which both sponsors “death cafés,” which consist of people sitting around talking about living, death and dying, and is in the process of renovating a Home for the Dying as an alternative to the hospital or a nursing home. For 25 years she has been an instructor of Morita and Naikan therapies, Buddhist-based strategies for mental wellness. She’s one of the organizers of Calling Our Ancestors, an event taking place in Academy Green Park in Kingston on October 25th from 2-4pm with ritual, drum, calling in the ancestors, sharing and dear Barbara will be leading the group in song, “We Will Meet Again.”

We talk about growing up during WWII, singing to raise money for war bonds, theater, social work, cancer, death and her Japanese practices that regularly help her stay in a place of gratitude and living each day to her fullest. She’s a joy and a force, and I hope you enjoy getting to meet her through our conversation!

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#56 Megan Offner (NY Heartwoods) / Erica Chase-Salerno (Thank You Cancer) “Living and Dying On Your Own Terms”

Hello to you, and happy Feb 13th, the day before Valentines Day, which we like to think of as ‘self-love day.’ Yes, Girl Talk is about Valentine’s Day, but not in the way you THINK we’re going to talk about it. Theresa had a One Billion Rising event this last weekend, which not only raised money for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, but also the one and only Eve Ensler came and married everyone to themself. Eeeee! You can watch the video of the event speakers HERE. If you want ALL the vows, send us an email.

Our first guest today is Megan Offner of New York Heart Woods. Her company consciously produces lumber, live-edge slabs, furniture and retail displays from fallen and urban Hudson Valley trees. Yet another amazingly creative person coming from Brooklyn, creating a life out of the world of set design and DJ’ing in the city. Yes she was raised in Missoula MT, yes she renovated a crack house in Ocean Hill Brooklyn, yes she researched green building materials, yes she invested in her own education… started her own business in Brooklyn and moved up to the Hudson Valley. Heck YES! She’s been clear from the beginning to stay true to her passions and principles. She learned through some ups and downs, a bout with skin cancer and an awareness of the roles the masculine versus the feminine has played in her life to also stay true to her own needs. She’s a true model for how we can all both live and work sustainably not only for ourselves but for our world.

Our second guest today is Shana’s dear friend Erica Chase-Salerno. Erica is a force, a healer, a writer, a mother, a lover of life and connection. She gifted her community and family with a dynamic and diverse view of the world, working with new mothers with Wyld Acres Healing Arts & Prenatal Communication, working with families as an intuitive, homeschooling her own kids, and always exploring creative projects, outings and activities. It’s no wonder that her own backyard labyrinth inspired a dedication to her at The Forsyth Nature Center. Prepare yourselves, Erica talks about the GIFT of Cancer, the CAN in cancer, each new chapter a gift. Ever since we (her friends and family) learned about her cancer, we were not aloud to use certain language. We were instructed to lose the ‘fight cancer’ lingo, the ‘I’m so sorry for you’ offerings, instead we were all encouraged to join her in her wonder and joy, her excitement and her desire to share every detail of her experiencing this part of her LIFE.  Shana knew that Erica would be down to do an interview to share her story with us one last time, so she sat with her bedside, wheeling the breathing machine into the hallways (although you can still hear it).  The entire interview  (one hour and 40 minutes) is available to all who what it, you can email: she@iwantwhatshehas.org. It is meant to offer you a positive story of death, dying, cancer, and what it’s like to do the ultimate transition with grace and joy. Erica passed away 6 days after this interview, Feb 7th, 2019.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Erica’s loving memory to her children’s education fund by mailing checks made payable to Michael Chase-Salerno to PO Box 300, Modena, NY 12548. Write “education” in the memo. Online tributes and remembrances may be posted at https://erica.chasal.net.

You can read her obituary HERE.

Her TMI reading starts us off and you can watch that HERE.

Today’s show was engineered by Manuel Blas from Radio Kingston. We heard audio from Ashley Knox from this past weekend’s 1st Annual Sojourner Truth Walk, and music from our one and only Shana Falana. Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another.

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#29 Jacinta Bunnell (Girls Will Be Boys, Coloring Book) / Jenny Shulkin (Ooh LaLoom) “Coloring Outside the Lines, Weaving and Dying”

Today Shana and Theresa Girl Talk on the state of #metoo after tuning into 1A’s coverage of CBS’s handling of the allegations against Les Moonves and how corporations are preparing across the board for continued allegations to surface.

Jacinta Bunnell brightens the studio with her creativity and enthusiasm for her feelings. Jacinta is an artist, activist, author and co-founder of B.R.A.W.L. She shares how studying Philosophy helped to shape her ability to think critically and how that in conjunction with taking care of children helped her to see how important it is to feel safe to color outside the lines. Speaking of, she has 4 very important, Queer positive and gender bending, coloring books that are opening up the lines and the boxes that kids have historically found themselves in. She recently began supporting Planned Parenthood through her art activism where she helps young people create art telling their story about how Planned Parenthood has helped them. You can see all that goodness at iluvplannedparenthood on Instagram. Finally, if you need helping sifting through belongings and getting rid of what you no longer need, Jacinta is the Marie Condo of the Hudson Valley.

Jenny Shulkin of OoLaLoom joins us and talks about how she got into weaving and the intricacies of weaving and dying. How she is finding her way in her craft staying true to herself and the way she wants to be weaving, creating and learning and evolving the business side of her work, and how she stays motivated and pushes through or gives herself permission to stop when she wants to.

Self care today takes us backward, or forward, stuffed animals and how slowing down is important for everything to continue to exist, including YOU! Tune into the podcast Secret Feminist Agenda that Shana recommends if you want to learn more about the art of slow everything and how stuffed animals may save your health and your sanity. Theresa talks about mantra…again, and one of her favorite musicians, Erika Wennerstrom, and how her lyrics have been her mantra when times get tough. Erika has a new-ish album out that is all about self-love, yeah! Go and get it and watch those mantras running in your head.

Next week we welcome GT Thomas, musician and artist and Lauree Ostrofsky, Author, Career Coach, Hugger, Founder of Simply Leap, LLC and Hudson Valley Women in Business. Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another.



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Today’s show was engineered by Manuel Blas of Radio Kingston, http://www.radiokingston.org.
We heard music from Shana Falana, http://www.shanafalana.com/, and audio from the film, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, http://www.shesbeautifulwhenshesangry.com

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