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erika wennerstrom – i want what SHE has

#101 Happy 2020! Be Good To Yourself!

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday MOM! I pay homage to my Mom and my Grandma before digging into the crates so to speak to spin many of my favorite Erika Wennerstrom and Heartless Bastards songs. Sorry to all you podcast listeners, you won’t get the music here, you’ll have to check out the show archive in its entirety on Radio Kingston, or catch the Spotify playlist for the show.  “Be Good to Yourself” comes from Erika’s solo album, Sweet Unknown.

In my birthday wishes to my Mom, I thank my Grandma who we lost on 12.3.19. At 91, she had overcome some big challenges in life, getting through the great depression and having to share a single pair of roller skates with her 6 siblings! I know, tragic. She was a bit of a strong willed woman, running away from home and skipping school, ending up in a girls school, graduated at 13 years old and went to work. Pregnant with my Mom at 18, she got herself out of an abusive relationship and went on to have two more children and a life full of lots of animal print outfits and furniture, colored contact lenses, fake fingernails, homemade jewelry, 9 grandkids, 12 great-grandkids and an always full freezer of homemade pudding pops. Thanks for all your strength grandma and all the memories!

I also share some thoughts about the calendar, how Jan. 1 is a bit arbitrarily the start of the year- at one point in history the beginning of the year was March 25th, “Lady Day” – how these systems which we exist within are deserving of a rethink, or at least an acknowledgement that they were often put into place by a power driven patriarchy so that we can reverse/undo the damage they’ve caused. This year, I’d love to move the conversation into how we feminize our systems. Yes, there’s still more work to be done with awakening and celebrating the feminine in human form, but let’s include in the conversation how we feminize the government, religion, economy, calendar, corporate structures, etc. etc. It’s not just about putting women in there. We need to be putting the correct type of feminine energy into the systems. Who wants to join in this conversation???

Today’s show was engineered by me at Radio Kingston,

In addition to Erika Wennerstrom and the Heartless Bastards, we heard music from our fave, Shana Falana,

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