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fertility – i want what SHE has

#102 “Birthing Your Creations” with Julia Indichova of Fertile Heart and Fertile Hearted Human

Today’s show is dedicated to birthing… all things really, but we’re hyper-focused on birthing babies. My guest today, Julia Indichova, is the author of Inconceivable and The Fertile Female. Her work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Discovery Health, NPR’s 51%, Good Morning America, Tablet Magazine, Huffington Post and more. After 9/11 she initiated the 9/11 Bowing Project documented in her most recent book, One-Heart Revolution: The Perils of Positive Thinking on the Road to Peace. She is the founder of and  

She shares the highlights of her own birthing story, how she was diagnosed with high FSH and told by the fertility doctors she had no chance of conceiving naturally. Because she wasn’t ready to give up she pursued things on her own, eventually conceiving her child and along with it, a methodology to help others birth their own children. This show is full of useful information whether you are trying to birth a child or some special project in your life. Check your energy levels, do you feel alive? Listen to your own truth, not the consciousness that’s projected upon us. Pay attention to your orphans, you’re gonna have to tune in to understand that one! Pay more attention to inspiration than information. Stop thrashing. These are just some of the nuggets that Julia teaches in her classes. She has a free talk tonight, January 8th at 8pm and a new workshop beginning on January 15th. For all of you looking to “Birth Your Next Creation and Repair the Earth,” the work following her recent book One-Heart Revolution… stay tuned to her website and Instagram account.

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#13 Liz Harrington (O+ Fest, Entrepreneur) / Kim Field (Stargazer Lilies) “Life After New York City”

On today’s show, Shana and Theresa catch up with each other. Shana talks about her week in the studio recording her new album and on the emotions that come up thinking about whether this is her last one. Theresa gets a little vulnerable talking about the saga of setting up a baby gate for other Mom’s at the yoga studio as she works through her own emotions of trying to have a baby. Tissues may be needed.

Special in studio guest, Liz Harrington, Mom, Wife, pollinator for Hudson Valley’s local currency, community builder, and innovator talks about how she was able to leave NYC behind and is in the process of building her dream life in the Hudson Valley. After a life threatening birth with her second child, she and her family refocused their priorities, downsized, and started looking to community for support and nourishment. Liz and her cheerleading attitude is an inspiration to us all!

We also hear from Kim Field, singer and bass player for shoegaze band, The Stargazer Lilies. Kim also made the big leap away from NYC to the Poconos, PA looking for a different lifestyle. She shares the ups and downs of being a musician and how she overcomes those challenges to pursue her dreams.

On next week’s show we speak with KayCee Wimbish who founded the Kingston YMCA Farm Project in an abandoned field in the middle of the city, and Sammi Niss, drummer, cancer survivor and songwriter performing her first solo show, Hiding Behind Sound, at the end of this month.

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Liz Harrington

Hudson Valley Current

Kim Field

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