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food business – i want what SHE has

#146 Tamika Dunkley of “Seasoned Delicious”

Tamika Dunkley is the CEO of Seasoned Delicious Foods, a Registered Nurse for over a decade specializing in cardiac critical care, a dietitian, a Member of Saugerties Police Reform and Reinvention Committee and a Board Member of Harambee as well as Seasoned Gives. Seasoned Delicious is a dynamic Gourmet Foods Company located in the Hudson Valley, formed in 2016 with the goal to provide a range of delectable, health-based food products. In September of this year, they opened up the SDF cafe in Kingston.

Today we dig into sooooo many things! Being a nurse during COVID, opening a business during COVID, being a mom, wife, business partner, business owner, mentor, board member and board member and… the list goes on. Tamika shares some valuable information on what it’s like to run a food production business and how they grew organically into having their own cafe and store. As a member of the Police Reform and Reinvention Committee, Tamika shares some valuable insight into why these initiatives are not only important, but necessary. Of course we also check in on self care and how she really does it all and still has a welcoming smile on her face! Some things to note in particular: they are looking for mentors for their Seasoned Gives business mentoring program, and they also have a support your neighbor program at the cafe where you can pay it forward if you’ve got it. So much goodness!

Here’s a link to the Guided Chakra Meditation I mentioned at the end of the show. Let me know how you like it!

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