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forged art collective – i want what SHE has

#135 “Universal Basic Income” with Keiko Sono and Diane Pagen

Today I am joined by Keiko Sono, artist and founder of Forged Art Collective, previously on the show last September, episode #87, who returns to talk more about Universal Basic Income (UBI) and the upcoming, Woodstock 20 March for the Future.

You can join in the Woodstock ’20: March for the Future by making art and music, and shape the future of humanity.

“On Saturday, September 19th, people all over the country will rise up and demand a society that is humanity first. No more profit over wellbeing. No more winners-take-all economy. No more accepting greed as the dominant force.

We demand Universal Basic Income, a fair share of the remarkable growth in productivity and wealth our world has enjoyed in the last 4 decades, most of it increasingly concentrated in fewer hands.

With UBI providing a secure base to hold us up, our potential will be free of the constraints that affect our mental and physical health, and we will not merely survive—we will thrive.

With our potential unleashed, we will create, share, and help each other, as the quarantine and pandemic cash aid showed. Universal Basic Income is an investment in our future with a big return—not ROI, but ROH: Return of Humanity.”

Keiko and I welcome Diane Pagen halfway through the show for your questions. She has been a social worker for New York City and a social policy analyst and writer for fourteen years. Diane was privileged to be mentored by and work with welfare expert and activist Theresa Funiciello from 2000 to 2008, and co-wrote The Adventures of Carrie Giver: The Cost of Caring with Theresa in 2007. Diane is a founding member of Basic Income Action and Basic Income NYC and working to build the Basic Income Movement with others. She writes and presents about the diversion of welfare block grants away from low-income people, and is meeting with people who are interested in stopping the systematic dismantling of the U.S. safety net. She has a BA in Languages from the Universidad de Puerto Rico and an Master of Social Work from Fordham University.

They answer questions about the importance of the “universal” in UBI, how it is to be funded, VAT, UBI’s effects on inflation, and more. They both shared many resources which I am listing below for your reference:

Scott Santens on Inflation

Boston Basic Income (Alex Howlett)

Thanks ladies for doing this work and spreading this information!

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