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generating – i want what SHE has

242 Kissey Asplund “Generation Watts” and the Circle Creative Collective “LUMINOUS”

Kissey Asplund of Generation Watts works as a creative consultant specializing in the process of generation and creative subatomic energy. Her creativity expresses itself as a music producer, generator, multi-disciplinary artist, and meditator based in New York City. Amongst other things, today we talk deeply about her unique background, how her creativity is enhanced through meditation, and we get to experience a sound meditation titled Embrace Yourself. Kissey will be at the O+ Festival this weekend, Saturday, October 8th at 7pm at the Good Work Insitute offering: Access Your Connection & Blossom Your Inner Creativity which is a guided meditation where you can experience stillness, deeper connection with self, inner empowerment, and presence—through easy, gentle movements and simple breath techniques. These modalities are used to relax into the body and activate a deeper state of meditation, well-being, and inner creativity. The meditation will oscillate between deeper moments of stillness and release, with moments of building empowerment (inner energy). You can do the class sitting, standing, or lying down. A soundtrack written by Kissey will support your meditation.

Circle Creative Collective and their upcoming event, LUMINOUS.

LUMINOUS is a powerful celebration of the thinning of the veil between worlds, gifting us a unique way to honor our ancestors, the beloved departed, and even aspects of ourselves that we may have buried. Through story, song, community, a journey into the earth and our own hearts, LUMINOUS is a beautiful balm that will help bring light to these coming darker months of introspection.

It is a celebration of life, by honoring grief, impermanence, and the wisdom of the unseen world. Together with BLOOM, this second offering of hope and healing completes an important story of life’s most essential cycles of birth and death. At the heart of LUMINOUS are gifts shared to find light in the dark through re/connection and song. LUMINOUS is a living reminder that we are held by nature, love and magic, and that we hold the alchemizing, transformative powers of creativity.

Happening at 5 and 8pm on October 29th & 30th LUMINOUS will take you into the cavernous heart of the Earth through contemplative story and song. This exquisite interactive experience will remind us that even in the coldest, darkest times we are held by beauty, that we are magic, and that each of us can be a light in the dark. 

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda from Radio Kingston.

Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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