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god – i want what SHE has

#103 “Who We Are” with Musician Shana Falana

Yay, today Shana Falana returns as a guest on the show to get us caught up on all that’s been happening in her world since she stepped away from the show last year, hint a new album, tour and upcoming shows at SXSW! If you haven’t already picked up her new album, “Darkest Light,” you can grab it here.

As we do, Shana and I go deep, discussing consciousness, the stories we tell ourselves, her work to see her own stories, how the world is perfect, cool kids, her sobriety, 12-step and giving it up to a higher power (small-g-o-d), Ram Dass and the blessings of his life, envy, self-pity, how she made her most recent album and the reasons for writing some of the songs we listened to, playing SXSW and how she’s taking care of herself through herbs from Good Fight Herb Co. and Dana’s Golden Hour Botanicals

Oh, and we laugh a lot!

We heard music from Shana Falana, specifically “Cool Kids,” “Everyone Is Gonna Be Okay,” “Who We Are,” and “Go.”

Today’s show was engineered by Maddy Bogner of Radio Kingston,

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#23 Shana’s Private Journal Entry / Mercedes Samuels (Singer Songwriter) “Intuitive Eating, Loving Yourself and Making Discipline Fun”

Today we switch things up and extend Girl Talk to go deep into Geneen Roth’s book, Women Food and God. Shana shares her personal story about her own relationship to food and dieting. After recently dipping back in to dieting after having believed she’d healed her relationship to food and herself, she opened herself up to learning more about the healing that she needs. We talked about the importance of being open to learning about ourselves and to compassionately witnessing ourselves, to listening to our bodies and to ignoring "The Voice" that tells us we’re not good enough, can’t have what we want or be who we want to be. To be continued next week when we dig into the emotional freedom of working through obsessive/compulsive behavior.

Next we hear Shana’s interview with Mercedes Samuels, a musician, who shares her beautiful wisdom, this woman is wise…right now she’s reading The Art of Loving and learning about making discipline fun and how to have better concentration.

Next week we hear Shana’s interview with Jen Shagawat from Shellshag and dip into FREEDOM! Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another.

Geneen Roth

Mercedes Samuels

Today’s show was engineered by Manuel Blas of Radio Kingston,
We heard music from Shana Falana,, Mercedes Samuels

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