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grandmother – i want what SHE has

267 Dedicated to the Women in My Life

Today I take a trip down memory lane to honor and recognize some of the women I’ve been close to in my life who have shaped me and my life in some way. During Women’s History Month we tend to focus on the famous or unrecognized female “pioneers,” but a big theme in this show is that “women’s work” is so often undervalued and not rewarded in the same way as most “achievements” are celebrated. This show is me thanking all of the women in my life regardless of “achievement.” Your existence is enough! I couldn’t name and appreciate all of them and could have shared even more than I did about those I did recognize, but it’s a start of a practice that I hope to engage with more regularly. Here are the ones I celebrated on today’s show. My Great-Grandmother Viola Dietrich, Grandmother Shirley Cirillo, Grandmother Dorothy Widmann, Mom Sandra Widmann, Aunt and God-Mother Dawn Scarce, Sister Angela Widmann, first friend Stefanie Mulby (Rice), close pals from elementary, middle and high school Jodi Roberts (Finzel), Pamela Toshner (Stubbe) and Ann Casamassa, college Stephanie Berry (Sweeney) and Mary Lindsley, law school Karen O’Keeffe, Sandy Steinman and Jane Sigda, the Squirrels Joyce Manalo, Tiziana Agnello, Emily Furr and Belinda Downey, first Hudson Valley friend Sara Schneller and then a few of the many amazing women in the Hudson Valley who I am so grateful to call friends, Shana Falana, Neslihan Ulus Lord and Tarah Gay. Special shout outs to Tara Sanders for inspiring this show (and being a most amazing friend), Melissa Morse for being on “my team” in elementary school, Rita Bolla Lapinel, Shawn Harrison, Sarah Carlson, Carla Rozman and Marielena Ferrer who’ve been especially present in the past few years. There are so many who I can think of writing this who I left out like Erin Widmann (Kujawa) duh!, Holly Egan Arnold, Tracy Bettenhausen Jennings, Wendy Wein White, Melissa Walkowiak, Brandie Tetzlaff (McPherson), Claudia Beck (Giesie), Angela Hamilton (Stubbe), Connie DeBie-Bailey, Kathy Obler (Ben’s Mom), and of course my nieces! There are others. I don’t know how to end it. I feel like making an art project to honor them all. I love each of you and thank you for being a part of my long and winding life.

Here’s the playlist I mentioned for those interested in hearing more of the songs that got me through college and beyond.

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