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#115 “Thriving and Surviving During a Quarantine” with Ana Gioia, Romany Rose Pope, Andréa Staskowska, Jennifer Dignon and Yukari Ogawa

Heya friends! Today I am joined by ALL of the ladies I co-create with over at Anahata. Allow me to introduce:

Ana Gioia, has been a practicing yogini since 2005. She studied traditional Hatha Yoga for 7 years before encountering and eventually training in Kundalini. Some of her specialties include Children’s Yoga, Pre & Post-Natal Yoga and Mommy & Me. Ana feels very drawn to serving Women, Families and Children as she feels there is so much healing to be done among these groups and the way society views family roles. She is the mother of two children and enjoys writing, philosophy, design and connecting with the Earth. Ana has a B.A. in Philosophy from Boston College and an M.A. in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College (Santa Fe). She teaches Saturdays at 10am Eastern with Anahata via IG Live. You can connect with her on Instagram @anagioiayoga

Romany Rose Pope, an ocean-born Aussie, is a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, herbalist, reiki practitioner and cacao ceremonialist. She creates the most delicious @medicinaldesserts and is also one half of the loving duo @couplescacao serving up Cacao to couples and others as a way of connecting more intimately with their heart space. She teaches on Tuesdays at [6:30] Eastern with Anahata via Zoom. Connect with her on Instagram @romanyrose where she shares her adventures with plant alchemy, food medicine and the daily practice of love!

Andréa Staskowska, is a former professor of communication and cultural studies turned yoga, meditation teacher, energy worker and astrologer who’s been offering uplifting and prosperity initiating yogic and meditative practices with Anahata daily at 8:00am Eastern on Facebook Live and also at 7am on Thursdays.

Jennifer Dignon, has dedicated her life’s work to the children of this planet, and to the adults that are blessed to serve them. She is the founder of Heart Child Yoga and Conscious Support Therapy (CST). As a Yoga for the Special Child Practitioner and Radiant Child trained professional, Jennifer has studied with children’s yoga Gurus Sonia Sumnar (Integral Yoga) and Shakta Kaur Kalsa (Kundalini Yoga). She’s also a sound healer working with both singing bowls and tuning forks and has been offering her gifts via Facebook Live with Anahata on Wednesdays at 5:30pm Eastern and also at varying other times via her personal page. Jennifer was a guest on the show in early 2019 for Episode #51.

Yukari Ogawa, a vet tech who traveled to the US despite only speaking enough English to introduce herself in order to attend a school that would allow her to pursue her passion, working with animals. After observing how her colleagues suffered from compassion fatigue and how the industry overall didn’t take care of the people working in it, she began a business to help those in her industry. She found “The Work” of Byron Katie to be a profound tool in helping her with her own stressful thoughts that she’s now begun facilitating the Katie Worksheets for others. Yukari is leading online classes with Anahata on Monday’s at 10am eastern via Zoom. You can also request to join her Facebook Group to discuss “The Work.” Yukari was on the show last summer, Episode #73 if you want to have a listen!

They share about how quarantine has impacted their lives, appreciating the disruption to routines that weren’t supporting their needs, what they are learning about themselves during this experience, learning to settle into the art of not “producing,” eating well to support health, honoring the sacred, the divine feminine and masculine, what they miss most (hint, HUGS), how they take care of themselves and what they are envisioning for the future.

All of their offerings are online and by donation, so please if you want to connect, do so! Or if you want to do nothing, we fully support that too 🙂

Finally here’s the information for the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network and the COVID-19 Volunteer Response Team Interest.

Today’s show was engineered by Ida Hakkila of Radio Kingston,

We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana,

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