#99 “Eating and Speaking from the Heart” with Nutritionist Gabriela Friedman and NVC Facilitator Lyndsey Harrington

My first guest today is Gabriela Friedman.  Originally from Brazil, @gabriela_friedman has taken some pretty bold steps in her life to bring her to where she is today, a Mom, a personal trainer, and a nutritionist based in the Hudson Valley. From her own journey Gabriela discovered how a lifestyle built around healthy living and physical fitness could empower, build confidence and discipline, and add overall happiness to one’s life. Her ultimate goal is to support and motivate her clients to develop habits to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise.

She shares about her childhood and how she came to the US in a rather unplanned way, about starting a formal path in nutrition following up on the seed that was planted by her mother early on and how she works to educate her children about how to eat to support good health. Gabriela’s philosophy is largely moderation. It’s not about restricting, but rather eating with color (not food coloring!) and vibrancy. Being active and healthy is part of Gabriela’s everyday life. My favorite advice from her is “it’s not about what you eat between Thanksgiving and New Year’s that matters, it’s what you eat from New Year’s to Thanksgiving!”

Here are the two food and eating resources I mentioned, but there are so many more! A fascinating approach to mindful eating Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein and Christy Harrison, Food Psych podcast.

Today’s second guest is Lyndsey Harrington. Hailing from Santa Barbara by way of Melbourne, Australia, Lyndsey has been dedicated to Nonviolent Communication since she first encountered it in 2012. Growing up with a deep love for meditation and alternative healing, she found herself yearning for a practice that could bridge the sense of loving unity she felt with the world during her meditations and maintaining that sense of connection in her everyday human life. For her, Nonviolent Communication is that bridge.

She shares how in 2012, while living in Brooklyn, Lyndsey encountered Marshall Rosenberg’s book “Nonviolent Communication” at the request of a co-living space and all who occupied it together. She was so impressed with how she observed her flat mates communicating and relating to one another that she dove in deeper. In 2015, she began studying with the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication and then, in 2017, joined their team as a workshop facilitator/trainer. She has facilitated several NYCNVC intensives, supported the organization as a course coordinator, and has led and co-led NVC practice groups in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley where she now resides.

Lyndsey shares a bit about NVC walking us through some of the main concepts about using feelings language, slowing down, taking time to have a conversation with curiosity, rather than a confrontation, all which leads to more harmony and a meeting of everyone’s needs.  It’s largely a practice in rewiring the brain from habitual responses and re-educating how we’re trained about our own needs and the needs of others.  We all really want the same things so remember that when you’re sitting at the dinner table with your beloved family members. There’s so much practical information in our conversation, so tune in for some tips on how to move through a situation that may be triggering using principals of NVC. Hint, “strike while the iron is cool.”

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#24 Jen Shagawat (Shellshag, Starcleaners) “Freedoms and Staying True to Your Dreams Through it All”

It’s Independence Day, and today we’re Girl Talking about the meaning of independence for ourselves and for everyone. For those of you wanting to work on your own white privilege, check out Wild Mystic Woman on Instagram.

Shana and Theresa continue the conversation around eating habits and healing ourselves, freeing ourselves you might say from the emotional pull of food, and Shana shares from her journaling on her own personal beliefs. If you want support in this conversation around intuitive eating, tune into the Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison.

We also get to hear a fun and wild ride of an interview Shana did with her original "i want what SHE has" gal pal, Jen Shagawat, musician and producer, owner of Jewel Street Studio in Brooklyn, NY, drummer and singer for the band Shellshag, co-creator of Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision and owner of Starcleaner Records. Check out Jen’s doc on the band the Slits HERE! Whew…enjoy the show, and let’s work together to make sure all beings are safe, happy and free!

Next week’s guests are Cal Patch, maker extraordinaire and Theresa’s sewing guru, and Hawley Hussey, artist, writer, educator and activist. Until then, Love YOURSELF and uplift one another!!!

Wild Mystic Woman

Food Psych with Christy Harrison

Jen Shagawat

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We heard music from Shana Falana, http://www.shanafalana.com/

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