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lung health – i want what SHE has

#119 Shannon Donnell “NYC Nurse on the Frontline”

The one and only, Shannon Donnell is my very special guest today. Shannon is a nurse on the front lines in NYC right now, but she had three days off last week and graciously gave me some of that time for an interview to hear how things are going for her out there. You may know Shannon from her years of running the clinic for the O+ Festival She’s a multitalented musician, vocalist and big-hearted, brave nurse making a huge difference in people’s lives!

Shannon walks us through becoming a nurse, the various iterations of roles she’s taken on as a hospice nurse and travel nurse up to her current role on the front lines during this pandemic. She indulges my curiosity around lung health and explains the term of the day, pulmonary toileting. Yep! And Shannon agrees, “our lungs are amazing!” She gives us a little tutorial on breathing for good lung health and shares her recommendations for reopening, hint…think like a nurse and wash your hands. Of course we get a little philosophical, talk about self care, the state of the healthcare system, a new economy, and gush over our mutual adoration for Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

Thank you Shannon! We’re thinking of YOU!!!

Here’s O+’s Facebook Page where you can find more information about the Loving Kindness Meditations which will likely be happening on Fridays going forward. I’m subbing this Friday! 2pm Eastern. Here’s the Zoom link to join. The Mental Health Hotline can be found on their website here.

Here’s my article of the oft referenced, “Epic Elimination Diet

To all the podcast listeners who want to cry with the songs, here you go!

“Look at You” by My Morning Jacket

In the infinitely wise words of Jim James from “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)“:

“I’m going where there ain’t no fear
I’m going where the spirit is near
I’m going where the living is easy
And the people are kind
A new state of mind

I’m going where the ain’t no police
I’m going there ain’t no disease
I’m going where there ain’t no need
To escape from what is
Only spirits at ease”

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We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana,

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