#129 Lydia Willoughby of Sassafras Mercantile

Lydia Willoughby, Founder & General Manager of Sassafras Mercantile comes from a family of pine tree farmers and geologists in South Carolina. As shopkeep and general manager Lydia (she) has always been drawn to plant life and soil. With her Moon in the 12th House, and Sun in the 8th House, Lydia’s work revolves around exchange and nurturance in integrating the unknown and the mysterious into accessible platforms for transformation and resolution built on systems of care. Lydia offers tarot readings from a queer, trauma-informed perspective that engages the cycle of life, death, and rebirth through the collective human experience. She studied herbalism with Dina Falconi, and studied tarot in person with Lindsay Mack and Audrey Gilbert. Lydia completed a permaculture design certification course with Sowing Solutions in Shelburne Falls, MA. 

Sassafras Mercantile was founded with an interest in connecting community knowledge to personal liberation, and convening a beautiful, inclusive, queer, feminist, anti-racist space that asks questions with curiosity and answers with a full heart and a little bit of magic in the City of Kingston, NY.

Today we chatted about Lydia’s background and relationship to land and trees, how she got into the work she does today which is very multifaceted but also naturally connected and aligned. She shares a new project at Sassafras, the monthly wellness subscription box, how Tarot fits into her life and how she offers it to others, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned for more cool community collaboration and offerings from Lydia and her crew!

Today we heard music by Shana Falana including “Right Now is All We Know” from her most recent album, Darkest Light.

Today’s show was engineered Manuel Blas from radiokingston.org

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#21 Girls Inc (In Her Voice Podcast) / Alison Leiber (Quiver Music Licensing) “Girl Power and Being True to Yourself”

With Theresa calling in from her family visit in Wisconsin, she and Shana talk about what her nieces are up to, getting a feel on what it’s like to be a young girl in today’s world.

Theresa shares her interview with Maria Jansdotter Farr and Emma and Jordan, two New Paltz High School students, participating in the Girls Inc. program and their podcast In Her Voice which digs into the topics of Toxic Masculinity, Gender-based Violence and Conditioned Sexism.

Shana shares her interview with Alison Lieber of Quiver and (formerly Team Love) where the two discussed finding the dream job, what you give up along the way, staying connected with magic, and making hard decisions.

Next week we welcome Maiko Hata, Jazz singer and Rachel Brennecke, aka Bon Jane, photographer in to the studio. Until then, love yourself and uplift one another!

Girl’s Inc.

In Her Voice

Today’s show was engineered by Manuel Blas of Radio Kingston, http://www.radiokingston.org.
We heard music from Shana Falana, http://www.shanafalana.com/

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