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marina abromovic – i want what SHE has

304 Spirituality and Politics “Resolving Conflict and Learning”

Today Marielena and I wander through various subjects related to Politics and Spirituality… Starting with Pablo Helguera’s Método de Discursos Sociales. How do you resolve conflict? Start with naming the problem to make sure you actually understand it.

This meanders over to my curiosities about Marina Abromovic’s Rhythm Series (’73-’74), and themes of the sword, and power over others…

Here’s the Article; Education: Why not a race to the top? – that inspires us to think about how to chance education to one focusing on learning to learn, learning to do, learning to live together, learning to be.

What does this bring up? Fear of failure and criticism…Are we all born with resilience? This is a subject for next year… who wants to join in?

Final words from Marielena and Theresa on the end of the year…Marielena suggests some solstice writing on your wishes… and how you can take steps to fulfillment.

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