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me too – i want what SHE has

237 “Rewinding to January 2018” with Gail Ann Dorsey and Ruth Ungar

I’m still in newborn land so playing an oldie but goodie in honor of Olivia Newton John and this weekend’s Summer Hoot with Olivia super fan and musician Gail Ann Dorsey and Hoot founder and musician Ruth Ungar Merenda. These interviews originally aired in January 2018 when Shana and I were hosting together. It was our second episode! I could listen to these women speak for days…

P.S. Gail says to see the movie Network! And here’s such a profound example of her talent.

We also heard these songs today: My Baby Drinks Water by the Mammals, 2Gether by Naiika Sings, Good Things by Olivia K and the Parkers, La Belleza by Lau Noah, Magic Powers by Liana Gabel, If You Could Hear Me Know by the Mammals. Check out the playlist to listen!

Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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